5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

On April 30, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Life has become rather fast paced these days and there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that must be done. You cannot even schedule cleaning. There is always something at work that needs immediate attention: a report to do, impromptu meetings or presentations and suchlike tasks.

If you are not careful, you may end up with a sty-like house. However, that may not happen because you can choose to hire a cleaning service.

Once the decision has been made and you have Maid in Heaven Charlotte and a few other cleaning companies, meet with them in person before you commit.


You need to conduct a little interview to gather some information. You cannot or should not just throw your doors wide open and leave strangers in your house to their devices.

Consider The Pros And Cons

Should you hire an individual or a company?

  • A company might not come cheap, but most likely, they have quite a number of employees attached to them. You will almost always get someone available.
  • An individual is definitely cheaper, but if they are booked up, you will have to keep looking.

Ultimately, the decision you make must favour you.

What Questions Should You Ask?

  1. Rates

Home Cleaning
Many cleaning companies have an hourly rate, but some prefer to peg their fee on the project. Yet others will base their charges on the number of employees they send to your home. It is important to be aware of how they come up with their rates and how they charge.

  1. Insurance

Are they insured or bonded? This is important in case of any breakages. A professional company will ensure that they have a cover in place to take care of any breakages or missing items. However, you are expected to inform them if there are any delicate items that should be handled with care.

  1. How They Source For Employees

It is important to know whether they do a background check on the people they hire. These people are going to be entering your home and you need this information for your own safety and your home as well. Also, inquire if they will be sending the same people to your home every time.

  1. Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

Cleaning Equipment And Supplies
Do they bring their own or are you required to provide the supplies? If they come with theirs, you will need to know which ones they use. Should you not like their choices, then substitute with your preferred supplies.

  1. Services Included

Ask about the services they provide. You might find a company that only offers the heavy-duty cleaning and leaves the smaller chores to you. Others will leave everything clean, including any dishes in the sink. Services offered include:

  • Window washing
  • Dusting
  • Baseboard cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing

Ensure that they give you the precise cost of the services they offer. You should also let them know what tasks you would prefer to do for yourself.

Once you have made the decision to hire a cleaner or cleaning service, you must remember to be careful and take care of your side of the deal by going for tried and tested companies like Maid in Heaven Charlotte or other reputable companies.

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