5 Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again

On October 10, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

The bathroom is one of the places at home that easily age and deteriorate, because aside from the fact that it’s often used, some of the things people do in it are unclean. Therefore, if you want to make it seem like new again, it’s going to take more than just electrodry carpet cleaning; you really have to be persistent in cleaning every nook and cranny of it and creative in decorating (or redecorating) it.

Those things, however, can be quite tough if you don’t know how. Thankfully, here are a few tips. So, get on reading, and then get to breathing new life to your bathroom.

Coat It Back Up

Colorful Bathroom

The bathroom is often damp, so expect paint or wallpaper to easily peel and crack. Once it does, it’s time to scrap it and replace it with either a new coat or wallpaper. If you choose to have the latter, paint over it in matte white or serene grays and blues to give your bathroom a fresh new start and at the same time protect it from drywall damage. See? It’s both functional and design-enhancing.

Giving Pastel New Life

Luxury Bath Tub

Your bath tub and toilet bowl that have vintage pastel colors may seem old-fashioned already, so you’re already probably thinking of getting rid of them. However, instead of having them replaced, you can just replace their metal parts like faucets and flushes with bronze-colored ones. You can also create a theme of mixed eras by putting art prints from old books and magazines on the walls, reclaimed wood accents, and tiles with graphic design.

Beautifying Your Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Designs

If your plate glass mirror has become a bit too boring for your taste, you should definitely give Venetian mirrors a try. They may be so 19th century, but they’re still pretty popular thanks to their artistic and intricate frames.  Another alternative is an ornately framed mirror. However, before you replace your mirror, make sure that you sand and paint the wall where you’ll be attaching the mirror to.

On the other hand, if you either think that replacing your mirror would take too much work or prefer a more modern and urbane look for your mirror, you can just install decorative molding around your existing mirror.

From Doors to Curtains

Shower Curtain Ideas

Shower doors may be classy, but their frames corrode and their glasses can crack. Once they do, you’re going to have to replace it, which is an expensive and laborious process. If you don’t want to go through that, you can go for a shower curtain, preferably ones that do not have hooks and have either a bold solid color or a striking, printed pattern.

Aside from the fact that they’re very affordable and easy to install, they also widen bathroom space when left open.

Tile Away

Bathroom Tiles Design

If your tiles have already sustained a lot of water damage, then it’s time to replace them. However, retiling your entire bathroom floor is going to take it out of commission for a few days, not to mention the fact that replacing your entire tile set for a few broken ones is impractical.

If you can’t afford or don’t think that it’s worth it to have completely new tiles for your floor, then you can either paint over the damaged ones or put a jersey area rug over them. However, these are just temporary solutions, so you’re going to have to have to still plan ahead on when you’ll be renovating your bathroom floor, and whether you’ll be sticking to tiles.

It might not seem much, but your how your bathroom looks is very important. After all, you wouldn’t want to do your and your visitors’ business in a dirty place.

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