Altering Your Staircase Can Give Your House A Whole New Look

On April 30, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Altering your staircase needs not lead you to your nearest bank decked out like a bank robber. It will not clear out your bank balance and land you in financial ruin if you do it right. With the right information and expert advice, you can recreate a staircase that will the change the face of your entire house.

You have been looking around your house and feeling like you need to change something. Moving furniture around has not helped much. You still feel like you want the interior to open up more. Then it hits you.

The staircase! What if you moved the staircase? It could really open up up your living area. However, moving an entire staircase sounds like such a huge deal, doesn’t it? But considering the fact that most staircases are only pieces that are joined and can be easily replaced puts it in a whole new perspective.

It is therefore possible to have it in a different position if you are so inclined. The staircase holds a central position in most homes. Having it in the right position is key to having a balanced living area. If it is awkwardly positioned, it could even make your room look like it is lopsided!

So, what to do? You really must move the staircase or alter it for a different effect. The time is nigh for a modern staircase. Here are a few ideas:

Change Direction

Altering Your Staircase
You could have the staircase facing a different direction. Try the opposite or a different side. If you flip the stairs, then they can be approached from the rear of the house, therefore creating more room at the front. Your room opens up just like you planned. You will be pleased to have more light in the house too.

Have The Staircase Run Side By Side And Then Double Back

Most staircases run from the front to the back in many homes. This usually makes for narrow rooms at the front because the staircase rises in a hall. If you change the position, the narrow rooms can be expanded and you can make better use of them.

 Opt For A Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase
A spiral staircase takes up minimal floor space. It may not be the best for the main staircase for the house though; it can lead up to a bedroom. If you have family members who struggle with stairs though, forget this one. Also, it works best if you live alone or with few people. Too many people and your staircase becomes a headache.

Have A Spiral Staircase In A Square Space

Staircase In A Square Space

That is if you are not looking to saves pace. It does not need as much length as a straight staircase, but it eats into the breadth of the square space. It is therefore very important to consider the reason you want to alter a staircase in the first place because you might end up with less space while you were aiming to create more.

Mix Up The Straight Treads With Winders

Straight Treads With Winders
The wedge-shaped tapered treads that make up spiral staircases are called winders. Many builders like to mix up winders and straight treads for the purpose of getting the right configuration for the interior of a house.

Do Not Overthink On Style

Stylish Staircase
You might be tempted to think that a different staircase or a different position is going to interfere with the style of your home. It could actually create a whole new dimension that could land your crib in the architecture magazines.

Designers have been playing around with staircases for the longest time. Yours will not be the first one to get speculated upon.

If you look at many medieval castles and Georgian buildings, you will discover that the spiral staircase has been around for eons. Thus, it is not a contemporary concept. Seeing as winders have been around for quite a while, you might consider having them in your home even if it is neither a medieval castle nor built in the Georgian style. They will fit in just fine.

Reorganise Your Internal Partitions

Internal Partitions
This shows you how possible it is to configure your stairs to suit any layout and circulation that you want. For instance, three winders can be placed at the foot of a staircase and anyone descending them ends up in a particular room.

By reorganizing the internal partitions, you change the whole look of the staircase and can even have them leading into a different room altogether. Your guests will think you renovated your whole house, yet all you did was play around with the staircase a little.

 Make Your Turn Perfect

Modern Staircase

  • Have your winders halfway up the staircase instead of the usual top or bottom. That works well when you are looking for a different effect.
  • Alternatively, go for half a straight flight which lands on a Then, have the upper half double back using winders instead of the landing and just like that, you save on space.
  • Important to remember: ceilings demand vertical distance. Therefore, the higher yours are, the more the vertical distance and the more treads you will need. The staircase will also use up more floor space, so winders can really come in handy when it comes to saving space.

Play Around With The Floor Levels

Living Room Altering Your Staircase
The staircase links the lower floors to the upper ones. Many houses have split levels and you will find some that have the rooms at the back being a few steps lower than the ones at the front. If your house has such a feature, you could take full advantage and achieve an amazing architectural effect.

Think about simple short and straight flights that run back and forth between the split levels. You would create a lovely open-plan space with different areas that come out clearly and aesthetically on each level.

Let In More Light

Altering Your Staircase Lighting
If you can get the upper flight made with glass treads, the light from above the staircase would flood down to the stairs below, thus filling the room with light. Without the glass treads, the light would not find its way down below.

The perfect staircase would really give your house a facelift and make your house look like it got a visit from celebrity home renovators. So if you feel like your old staircase needs to make room for a modern staircase, by all means go for it.

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  • White and glass staircases look pretty awesome. The more minimalist they are – the better they look

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