Baby’s Furniture buying Guide: Ins and Outs of Outfitting Your Nursery

On June 25, 2016 by Himanshu

Baby Furniture

Oh! So, you’re expecting a baby? Well, congratulations! But wait, unless you’re planning your junior to sleep in a drawer, you will need to buy a few things for nursery. But, where to begin? What should you look for?

As the safety is the first priority for your baby and ease-to-use for tired new parents, you will be more than happy to know that over years of testing, we have found that the eye watering price tags won’t guarantee for better and safer baby furniture. But, here are a few things that are truly essential you need to start with while buying baby nursery furniture.


Bassinets can be an ideal choice during those early months when you want your child close for feeding as it’s recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room with you for minimum six to 12 months. Bassinets are handy because they don’t use much space as a cot, so it can be easily placed in your bedroom. However, babies grow out faster from bassinets and usually it should not be used once the baby can roll over and pull themselves up.


Cot Beds
The last thing you need when trying to comfort your crying baby is, bending awkwardly over a cot which is either too high or too low. Also, the cots can be safe for your child only till the time he’s not able to move around. So, before you head off to the shop, think about how long you’re planning to use it, also if you are you planning for a second child? Are you thinking about buying a convertible one, which can be transformed into a small bed? Lastly, will have enough space for other things such as seat for feeding or change table. Doing some research before you head to store can save you both, time and money.

Travel Cots

Travel Cots
Babies sleep a lot, they might take quick nap in their pram, but what about when you visit friends or family overnight or may be take a trip? It is not always convenient for them to sleep in their cot. Therefore, travel cots, which are also known as portacots or portable cots makes it easy to be mobile, and specifically used for baby when a regular cot isn’t available.

Furniture For Older Bubs

Modern Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets
When your little one starts to be able to move around, it’s time to buy the next batch of furniture that your toddler will need to get accommodated.

  • High Chairs: once your baby grows up more and can hold its head up, a good high chair can make feeding a lot easier as well as it is stable and easier to clean.
  • Safety Gates and Barriers: babies can be dexterous when they set their minds to a task. Therefore, buying the right gates and barriers and installing them to the block of stairs and doorways correctly is vital for your peace of mind.
  • Child Safety Devices: every room in the house poses at least one dangerous object like kitchen chemicals, medicines, power points or the danger of strangulation from lose cords. So, the well designed and secured child safety devices can be a great help to prevent a tragedy.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds
For a child under six, it is not safe to sleep on a top bunk, but the bottom bunk can suit a baby moving from cot to a bunk bed. FYI, there are around 4000 Australian children needs medical treatment due to bunk bend injuries so you should be aware of that.

Bed Rails

Bed Rails
Also known as bed guards or safety rails, these devices are used to prevent the falls from the bed. It is important when your child rolls over often during sleep.


It comes as quite surprising to parents when their immobile bub becomes a fearless explorer. During times when you can’t keep watch constantly, a playpen can bring great peace of mind. Some playpens can be set up in different configurations that could be useful to section off some areas in your house such as fit rooms or fireplaces. Make sure that all the wall sections lock together properly.


Invest wisely and select the best nursery furniture that is not only safe for your little one but also enhances the beauty of your nursery. Some of these items can be bit expensive, but trust me they are really worth it for your child’s safety.

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