Choose Perfect Bed Pillow for Beautiful Sleep

On January 1, 2015 by Mamta

Bed Pillow

For the perfect slumber it is important to choose perfect bed pillow. Choose a wrong one and you will trade your beautiful sleep for tuning and tossing on the bed.

Here are the tips to help you choose best pillow for neck pain that is the right headrest.


Decorative Bed Pillows

Most important thing to keep in mind is to choose filling. Also choosing a filling depends on individual.

Like to feel cradled: choose feather filling

Well these materials will give warmth and help you feel cozy in cold night. For good quality look for the indicator called the fill power which how much filling is there in the pillow such as more filling or plumper the pillow long lasting it will be.


A note for people who are allergic please buy a hypoallergenic covers for pillow for avoiding any reactions.

Springy Memory foam is also good which molds itself to head and returns to original shape after you arise. This type is advantageous for the restless sleepers because it is able to conform to the movements in night. It works good with neck and alleviate the spinal problems as it distributes weight evenly. Only downsize of this type of pillow is it is expensive.

Bedroom Designs

Another filling is of Polyester which is less expensive and also provide good support but is least durable of all these materials.

Also available in market are natural options and specialized fillings. Examples: buckwheat hulls, organic latex

Size of pillow: right size of pillow depends on:

Colorful Bed Pillow Covers

Size of bed

Number of pillows

Usage of pillows

Suggestion is go as per your usage and how you want to use them

Softness of pillow:

Soft Bed Pillows

Whatever be the filling important is how the pillow feels that is the way it is packed with the filling makes all difference. Tight stuffing makes firmer pillow and lesser the filling makes it loose and soft. Try it before you buy.

Sleeping position:

Sleeping position will affect loft, height of pillow, so different position require different type of support.

Back and stomach sleepers need flatter pillow this helps keeping the neck aligned.

Sleeping on sides need loftier pillow:

Fills gap between neck and the head and this is better choice.

Have special needs:

Take any special needs into account before buying.


Allergic people buy special pillows such as pillow with cover which keeps away dust and any mites.

Snoring problem:

Buy pillow shaped to position the head and neck in way which will prevent the airway from getting compressed.

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