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Project 1: Living Room Rendering for San Diego Project

A modern living room has many important functions – it’s a place to communicate, to enjoy tasty food or a good movie, to rest, and to have fun. As a result, its design must take into account all these activities and offer a comfortable solution. Of course, it should also be beautiful! See how attractive this living room rendering for San Diego project looks. It’s a great place for relaxation with amazing furniture and cutting-edge technology, but it also shows the designer’s intention to create something unique and make this room stand out. 3D rendering is a great choice for demonstrating unusual design ideas, such as this semi-transparent, creatively lit wall.

ArchiCGI is the largest 3D rendering service. We provide photorealistic interior and exterior 3D visualizations, animations.

Project 2: Modern Muse by Shelly Preziosi Designs
Location – Deerfield Beach, Florida
Style – Modern

Project by Joshua and Natsuko


Project 3: Spindle Design Co. 10-Day Makeover

10 Day Makeover Before 10 Day Makeover After

10 Day Makeover Before 10 Day Makeover After

10 Day Makeover Before 10 Day Makeover After

Spindle Design Co. was chosen to update an out-dated 6,000 sq ft. Mediterranean/Tuscan style home for a cardiologist and his wife. We sent them away on vacation for 10 days, and when they arrived home, they had a newly remodeled Kitchen, Living room, Master bedroom and Master sitting area.

The crew thought this team of driven women were crazy for promising to deliver such a transformation in such a short amount of time, but Spindle Design Co. prevailed!

Spindle Design Co. teamed up with JujuMaker, LLC for all construction needs, and brought the updated vision to life, complete with soothing color palettes, inviting tapestries, welcoming furnishings, and personalized finishing touches that the Spindle Design team is known for, cleverly weaving unique and thoughtful mementos throughout the custom home.

Working with the beautiful aesthetics of the current home and maintaining the integrity of the original style, while modernizing the space was definitely a challenge, but the team worked tirelessly to create a tranquil, Santa Barbara inspired home.

The goal was to utilize the most beautiful elements of the home (I.e. The arched brick kitchen ceiling, copper range hood), and enhance throughout (by adding additional matching brick wall accents in the living room, and “cooling” off the warmth by bringing out the rich grey tones of the slate tile to downplay all the dark beige’s.)

Needless to say, the homeowners cried when they walked in as their new space was revealed to them. Initially they wanted to sell their home, but now they have hired Spindle Design Co. to remodel the remaining 4,000 sq ft to stay forever!

Spindle Design Co. offers affordable services to meet our clients’ needs in all areas of interior/exterior selections, new home construction, and remodel design.

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