Critical Details About Your House You Get To Know Only After A Thorough Roof Inspection!

On April 13, 2018 by Jack Dawson

It is good to adhere to annual roof inspection schedules and includes in the annual hose maintenance plan. The task has now become easy because several roofing companies offer services for roof inspection and maintenance. Set aside a budget for the annual activity and get in touch with a reputable roofing company to handle the job. However, your task is not over yet because you need to get the right report about the roof condition and then act according to the advice of the roofing professionals.

Instead of leaving everything to the professionals, you should know what to expect from the roof inspection report so that you can judge its merit. After all, you are spending the money and should know where the money goes. You should know what comes under the scope of the roofing company that helps to build realistic expectations.

The Scope Of Work Of Roof Inspectors

Roof Inspector

The roof inspection service looks into various aspects of the roof and focuses on four major areas. The external and internal condition of the roof, the structural support, quality of workmanship and the materials used in roof construction are the areas that the report captures.

Exterior And Interior Surfaces


The exterior surface of the roof withstands the worst of the elements of nature, and the inspector checks it meticulously to detect even minor cracks and damages. The areas close to the drain points are most susceptible as debris collects at the places that can cause damage the roof surface. Unless there are any external damages, the interior remains in good conditions in most cases.

Construction Materials Used

Roof Maintenance

The age of the roof is a factor that inspectors consider because the materials used for roof construction have a designated lifespan after which it needs replacement. Knowing how old the roof is, the inspector can assess the possibilities of damage that can happen and advice about repairing a particular part of the roof. Repairing before the damage happens saves money because replacing the entire roof is very costly.

Structural Integrity

The roof derives its strength from the structural support, and if there is any weakening of any part of the structure, it can damage the roof. The weak structure can result in the roof cracking and caving in and lead to a major repair or replacement. The inspector checks the structural integrity to ensure that the structure supports that roof at all places and maintains the balance that reduces the possibilities of unwanted stress on the roof.

Quality Of Workmanship

How well the roof materials function depends as much on the quality of materials as on the quality of workmanship. Even the best materials could falter if not used correctly. The inspector takes into account the quality of workmanship when assessing any damage because the reason for damage could perhaps arise from improper workmanship. Good workmanship contributes to the integrity of the entire roof.

Knowing that the roof is free from any defects or damages gives you complete peace of mind.

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