DIY – Recycle Denim Jeans to Make Home Decor Items

On August 1, 2014 by Himanshu Shah

denim for interior decoation and design

It often happens that, old denims become distressed and fit like gloves or old fashioned. Even sometimes denims that we buy do not fit in the next season while it still remains as new. In that case, rather than adding those to your cut off collection, transform those into long-lasting and versatile fabric which is wow-worthy. I found some interesting and easy ways that may help you to reuse your denims.

The first DIY that I found really easy and effective is making a rug with your old denim. Nothing too much is needed to make it; Just a bit of creativity will add more beauty in it.


In addition, instead of buying napkins/cocktail napkins, denims can make cool cocktail napkins. You can also customize them according to occasions by adding some bleach stamps.

Denim cocktail napkins

Additionally, Jeans is made of thick fabric which prevents our skin from excessive heat and cold. So by using your old denim you can easily make some hot pads. It is money saving and at the same time long lasting.

You may never have thought of this seriously chic creation which is real easy to make. You can carry more than just snacks in this clutch. It is not only handy yet stylish.

Denim Pouf

Who wouldn’t want an amazing and comfortable denim pouf? It seriously is a piece that definitely would grab attention.

Denim Storage bins

Storage is one of the most essential element to keep a house more organized and clean. Thus, instead of just buying storage containers you make a useful use of old denims by making storage bins. You can also customize them according to your desired color and design.

These dynamic fabric flowers can be used for multiple purposes. From buffet dinner or party flavors to gift wrapping, you can use it for decoration.

Denim Cushions

One of the best DIYs of recycling denim is to make cushions from them. This geometric patterned pillow would make a great weekend project. One should definitely like to try this as it is not only cost effective but also beautiful.

Moreover, even the snip of your jeans can be used by creating a spiral denim coaster. It can also be a gift item by adding 3 or 4 in a set.

Lastly, even old denims can be reused by applying a bit of DIY. It is great fun to experience such DIYs. You can also try of your own and may discover more techniques of recycling old denims.

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