Ever Wanted To Know How Chair Customization is Done?

On March 7, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Brand awareness is important for businesses. It helps the members of the public and target market to know about their products. There are various ways to get your brand noticed. One of these is through customizing objects. There are processes that can be used to place your brand logo or colors on various items such as sports chairs. Not only are they functional as furniture, but these chairs also communicate a message about your brand. Having a customized chair is a unique way to perform advertising for your business. Here is more about how to perform this and apply the idea.

About Customized Chairs

Customized Chairs
Chairs come in various designs. They are also made of various materials. Therefore, the methods of customization vary. Some examples of these include:

  1. Painting
  1. Applying film
  1. Printing on the chair materials
  1. Stickers
  1. Air-brushing

These methods of customizing a chair vary in a number of ways. The accuracy of the final design, permanence of the application, and compatibility vary from one method to the other. However, some strategies of customization last long and deliver accurate imagery on the chair. An example of such is printing.

Printing On The Chair Materials

Printing On The Chair Materials
A reliable way to get a design of your choice on the Custom adirondack chair is by printing it. There are various types of printing. They include screen as well as heat press printing. These methods are able to produce an accurate rendering of your brand’s logo, image, or colors.

In this method, the chair materials are laid on a flat surface. After that, they are cleaned and primed. A screen containing the logo outline is prepared and laid on the chair’s materials. Color is then carefully applied to the open part of the screen.

In screen printing, the color is added and then distributed with a pane. However, in heat press printing, the color is set into the material using a large heating element. After color addition, the medium is left to set for a few minutes. The screen is then lifted off and the custom design which you wanted is left on the chair. Some time is allowed for the materials to dry.

A clear, glossy coat is added later on so as to give the chair a shiny finish. This coat also protects the print from the elements. Depending on the material of the chair, this gloss can be sprayed on in single or multiple coats. This is one of the ways through which sports chairs are customized.

The materials utilized in the customization can be painted in a specific color prior to the application of prints or screens. This is often the case where brand colors are required in the finished product.


Customizing chairs is one of the ways through which corporations can perform advertising or merchandising. Printing is one of the methods that gives lasting results. It is normally performed by skilled individuals. The process is described in details above.

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