How to Build the Perfect Kitchen for the Best Use

On February 23, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Many kitchen experts agree that the most important thing when it comes to building a kitchen is to be clear about how your kitchen will be used. You do not want to start constructing a kitchen without this very vital information. Any contractor you approach is going to ask you this. A kitchen has different areas that must be considered and designed if you are going to enjoy using it.
Perfect Kitchen

Your contractor should create a module to make the most use of performance and reduce construction costs. The essential elements of the kitchen will be set before the space that houses them.

When that is done, kitchen design and construction becomes an easy process that runs smoothly.

Areas of a Kitchen

Areas of a kitchen

There Are Five Basic Areas In Your Everyday Kitchen. These Are:

  1. The Sink Area: This is the washing up area that houses the sink. It needs to be large enough for ease of movement and storage. Most homeonwers want a sink area that can fit at least two.
  2. The Pantry Area: This is where the food is stored. Naturally, you will find the refrigerator here as well as any canned goods and any food in a carton.
  3. The Storage Area: All kitchen appliances are stored here; utensils, cooking pots, cutlery, pans and the like.
  4. The Cooking Area: The stove and the oven would be found in this space. It also needs to be spacious for ease of movement. Precautions should be taken in this area. It needs to be positioned such that it is easy to reach and also easy to leave in case one needs to make a fast or emergency exit.
  5. The Preparation Area: This is usually a large counter space for all your pre-cooking activities. All your chopping, cutting, dicing and mixing are done here.

The pantry, sink and preparation areas are usually permanently joined because of convenience in the cleaning and preparation of food. These areas create a work triangle which flows out to other areas of the kitchen. These are also very volatile areas in the kitchen and a lot of thought must be put into designing and positioning them.

Types of Kitchens

L-shaped KitchenThe style of kitchen will depend on your space. Some kitchens are very economical in their use of space while others require quite a large area. The most basic ones are:

  • Linear

  • L-shaped

  • U-shaped

Now, it is important to remember that he work triangle is important in the construction of any kitchen. It must be designed in such a way that if two or more people are working in that area, they will not keep walking into each other. You do not want that. What with people holding knives for chopping and cutting stuff up? It bears not thinking about.

Build the Perfect Kitchen

It is important to consider the use and size when considering the kitchen design and construction seeing as the kitchen is a very sensitive place where safety is of paramount importancebecause there are sharp knives and combustible gas to worry about.

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