How To Decorate Your Bathroom For Increased Serenity

On May 6, 2018 by Rachelle Wilber

The bathroom has evolved from a place to do one’s business – indeed, it was often not even in the house – to a place where you can linger at the beginning of a new day or unwind at the end of a day that has been challenging. Here are some way to decorate your bathroom to make it even more serene and peaceful.

Candles Everywhere

Candles in Bathroom
The flickering flames of votive and pillar candles add instant tranquility to any space. This is especially true if the candles are scented with soothing fragrances, such as rosemary or amber. Place them on the vanity or around the deck of the bathtub. Some people even put them on the bathroom floor. Just make sure that the candles are never left unattended.

Stainless Steel Accents

Stainless Steel Accents
Some people think that stainless steel in a bathroom gives it a cold, hard and unwelcoming atmosphere, but that’s not necessarily true. Some companies, like Hydro Construction Products, know that stainless steel fixtures and even a stainless steel shower curtain rod reflect both artificial and natural light beautifully. A gleaming stainless steel under-mounted or vessel sink lends the room a lovely gleam, and a quilted, stainless steel back splash over the sink can be the focal point of the room.


The most tranquil bathrooms benefit from several types of light. If the bathroom doesn’t have natural light, consider installing a window. If a window isn’t practical, try installing a skylight or a sun tube. Nothing beats natural light and the way it changes throughout the day. Besides natural light, take advantage of overall and task lighting. Overall or ambient lighting lights up the whole space and is usually provided by an overhead fixture, whether a pendant light or a recessed light. Task lighting is a must around the vanity as you tend to your daily hygiene and grooming. Make sure these lights don’t cast shadows or glare.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers
Plants and flowers bring living nature into the bathroom, and add yet another area of beauty. The best houseplants to bring into the room are those that adore high humidity. These include ferns, orchids, begonias, lucky bamboo and Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera also has the advantage of being medicinal. When you cut a leaf its gel can soothe minor burns. Never use artificial plants or flowers. They are simply tacky no matter how realistic they look.

Even a tiny bathroom can be a place to relax and reflect. Making it especially tranquil is neither expensive nor time consuming.

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  • In my opinion, bathrooms that have a glass door near the bath, that can be opened, are magnificent. Especially when it rains and you can relax listening to that sounds.

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