How To Maximize The Space Through Small House Plans

On December 15, 2014 by Himanshu

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A small house no longer has to indicate a small home. There are various reasons for people to get prone to building small houses. The main one is an increased environmental recognition and new technical awareness wherein owners build green home buildings using small-scale traditional assets.

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While big houses are expensive in terms of construction, heating, taxes, maintenance and repair, small houses not only help cutback in size but also emphasizes the design in size using the help of features like dual function and integrated technological advances in space-saving appliances. As small homes are cheaper to build, you have more money to invest in high-quality windows, appliances and flooring.

Modern House

It should be remembered that small home plans are not categorized by any house style as they can be any home style having a small floor plan. Plans with square-foot range are best for those trying to build a cost-efficient, accommodating, stylish and energy-saving home which fits everyone’s wishes without any expensive extra square footage.

How to maximize available space

Small House Plan

It is interesting to know that there are various small house plans you can use to maximize your available living space. If you too want to learn more about the tricks and trades of these plans, just read on.

While architects may know the tricks and trades to make rooms and space look larger, homeowners too need to know about the various interior design approaches and techniques used in small house plans.

A common trick used in these plans is an attempt to make the room look bigger than its actual footage. Architects achieve this by building high ceilings wherein the space feels larger than its actual square footage.

Use borders and paintings

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Homeowners can use various tools to accent this feature like creating a horizontal border across the room. The lower half has to be painted a slightly darker colour than the top, which is a slightly lighter colour. This combination creates an illusion of more height.

Other trick homeowners to complement their small house plans is to buy small paintings which are smaller in size and hanging them in a vertical line in a prominent wall space. This also creates an illusion as it draws the focus to its vertical height instead of its length or width.

The placement of furniture also helps maximize available space. A common mistake interior designer’s make with small house plans make is using large furniture which does not fit in space. While huge couches may look beautiful, they can get overbearing in a small space.

Use minimal furniture


It is always better for homeowners to avoid decorating the rooms to compensate its size as over decorating only emphasizes the smallness of the area. On the contrary, the best approach for small house plans is the use of minimal furniture.

Moreover, the furniture used should be of variable height. For example, placing a large lamppost near the couch only make the couch looks less cumbersome. Instead of using heavy bookcases which take up space, it’s better to use shelves of varying heights to save space and create a visual illusion.

These tips and reasons prove why and how small house plans are so popular and in demand in the market today.

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