Interior Décor Tips To Reduce Pest Infestation

On December 21, 2016 by Jack Dawson

Interior Décor Tips To Reduce Pest Infestation

Do you ever wonder why your house is infested with pests yet you try as much as you can to clean all surfaces thoroughly? Have you thought of your home’s interior décor and design? Well, the interior décor has been shown to be a contributing factor to pest infestation.

There are various kinds of pests that get into your home and stay just because of your home’s interior design and décor. Here are some of the strategies you can apply to reduce the infestation:

Improve Ventilation

Poorly ventilated and damp spaces tend to be warm and therefore perfect breeding grounds for roaches, ants, and even mice. As long as such areas are dark, and moist, the eggs laid will survive multiplying the numbers of the insects. Therefore, regardless of the efforts you make to clean the surfaces, if your kitchen or pantry is poorly ventilated and humid, you will only attract more pests.

Get More Natural Light

As mentioned above, the pests like the dark, stuffy, and poorly ventilated areas. However, proper ventilation alone will not send the pests away first. You should improve the lighting of your house to send away the creepy creatures.

It has also been shown that termites die when exposed to the sun. The heat emitted with sunlight kills off termites thus keeping your home clean and structurally sound. To get more light into the house, use light or translucent curtains on windows and doors, use sky light panels, have a balcony, and make use of the east facing spaces. Rodents, ants, mosquitoes, termites etc. will disappear from your home.

Get Pictures Away From Your Bed

When fighting bedbugs, it is important to keep pictures away from your bed because they take advantage of the nail holes and use them to lay their eggs. Hanging pictures away from your bed reduces bed bug numbers. You should however get pest control professionals to your home if you have spotted bed bugs around. They are the ickiest creatures and quite a nuisance.

Select Right Furniture

There is no right or wrong furniture generally, but when fighting roaches and bedbugs, the right furniture has to be considered. These include chairs with fixed cushions and backrests rather than the ones with lose cushions. The latter create more hiding spaces for the bugs.

Use Simple Window Curtains

The pleated curtains may seem fashionable, but to fight ants, bedbugs and roaches, you should consider simple and straight curtains with fewer hiding spots for the creepers. Non-upholstered curtains or wooden window treatments are best for pest control.

Fix Cracks Permanently

Covering walls with wallpapers without fixing cracks and crevices is the root cause of silverfish, ant, cockroach, or termite infestation. If moving into a new house, you should retouch the house; seal the cracks permanently before decorating then cleaning out every corner. This will get rid of pre-existing pests while preventing future infestations.

In conclusion, home interior and décor could be contributing to the pest infestation. Fix any interior problem and treat wooden surfaces. You should also remember to keep your home clean at all times.

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