Is Your Home Or Business Safe? Considering Monitoring And Surveillance Gear

On May 17, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Security Camera System

Surveillance is not limited to security officers on patrol or during stakeouts. Cameras can also be used to secure the safety of businesses, homes and families. It is important to be aware of the different security cameras that are available and figure out the best one for your needs.

Monitoring Loved Ones

Basic security cameras for homes include devices like nanny cams and baby monitors. These are cameras that enable you to keep your ears and eyes on children who are in someone else’s care or sleeping. They are usually connected to mobile devices through built-in-Wi-Fi. Several cameras have a motion detection ability, which means that the camera moves when a person is in the room.

Surveillance and Security

If your objective is to protect your business or home by keeping track of what is going on both inside and out, there are different kinds of cameras that you can consider.

  • Bullet cameras are the well-known cylindrical cameras that are seen virtually everywhere. They may resemble a lipstick tube although larger models are typically the size of soda cans. These types of cameras are ideal if you know where you want the camera coverage to be. They can be mounted on the wall and left to work without supervision.
  • Dome cameras are usually mounted on ceilings and have a bird’s eye view of what is going on. This type of security camera may be fixed in place or remotely controlled to zoom in, tilt and pan for a closer look.
  • Live streaming cameras are suitable for unmanned and remote monitoring. Such cameras can be placed on pieces of furniture. They are designed for the purpose of feeding signals to mobile devices or computers directly for live viewing. There are some cameras that can scan, tilt and pan by remote control.
  • Hidden cameras are a worthwhile choice if you want to catch a suspect or someone untrustworthy and you do not want them to be aware that they are being watched. Such cameras have been designed to look different so that troublemakers do not realize they are actually cameras.
  • Wireless cameras continue to be highly popular since they can be easily integrated into home automation systems that already exist.

Key Specifications

When you are looking at cameras, there is some basic information that is worth keeping in mind.

  • Expectations regarding levels of resolution with some being sharper than others.
  • Viewing angles of lens that determine the extent of scene coverage.
  • After deciding the type of camera that will suit your needs, you need to determine the features that are most essential for your application.


Color images can be valuable in some situations. The authorities may need accurate descriptions of the color of a car or an intruder’s clothing, for example. Color cameras work effectively in areas that are well-lit.

Generally, a black and white camera affordably offers low light imaging in combination with a higher resolution. Consider the benefits of different security cameras for your situation carefully when you want to choose a security camera.

Tracking Movement

You might not be interested in a camera that runs perpetually around your premises. There are security cameras that can self-activate and detect movement. Although you may end up with ultimate films of nothing spectacular, there is peace of mind that comes with being absolutely sure. A memory buffer facilitates constant recordings of short videos to ensure that nothing is missed prior to the motion sensor being triggered.

Seeing in Darkness

A camera that offers low light imaging is a good option if you have minimal light outside. Some cameras have highly sensitive image sensors for gathering light. This sensitivity is expressed in terms of lumens, with a smaller number indicating that the camera is able to see in the dark. When there is total darkness, many outdoor cameras have infrared capability that detects heat signatures.

Keeping Records

In the past, security cameras fed into videocassette recorders that were constantly running and resulted in grainy footage and the need to swap tapes. Large amounts of data can now be stored within small spaces.

  • Some cameras are capable of recording images to removable memory cards that are typically used in digital cameras. Although this is a cost-effective option, you still need to exchange full cards for blank ones regularly.
  • Hard drives can be an external drive that has been packaged with the rest of your security system or the built-in drive in your computer. Advanced systems are usually provided with digital video recorders that are similar to DVRs used in homes to record shows. This is an option that frees you from changing the recording media. However, the capacity of the drive that is used will still be limited.
  • Cloud storage is provided in some package deals. Plenty of encrypted storage can be provided through off-site storage at an ongoing fee.


For smaller stores, one or two indoor cameras may be sufficient to keep an eye on everything. However, if you are more worried about what is going on outside after hours, an outdoor camera you can mount on an exterior wall will be ideal. Outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and rugged, which means that you have the assurance that they can monitor your business under all weather conditions.

Range of Motion

Fixed cameras are usually more affordable but there are some cases that require a camera that offers some range of motion. You can choose surveillance cameras that are capable of panning from side to side m tilting up and down as well as zooming in to capture images via remote control. These are great for picking out essential details in crowded areas. A human operator is necessary for this type of camera.

Clear Images

Blurry images are often unhelpful. It is advisable to find a camera that can stabilize images to prevent small vibrations from causing the pictures to appear fuzzy. Vibration reduction usually works when the camera is not moving or panning.


You might want to see as well as hear what is going on, especially when the camera you are using serves as a baby monitor. Many cameras consist of a type of microphone that has been built-in and these are good options if sound is an important component of your security requirements.

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