Latest Interior Designing Trend: Zone Living

On November 20, 2013 by Mamta

Rustic Living Room

Zone living is latest trend which is being suggested by the interior designers and builders. Basically the Zone living simply mean diving hoe into different living zones according to the function. Instead of defining the living room, cooking room, dining, entertaining and other spaces as the rooms you have to define them as zones which gives you different opportunity to view the space in whole new light.

Movable Barrier in Contemporary Landscape

There can be times when you want to merge two or more zones, or separate them so the suggestion is rather than you erecting immovable barrier between zones you erect a movable barrier.

This you can do through modern door hardware technology which is making it possible for creating movable barrier between zones, no matter the distance between walls. For this you can choose to have:

Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors for Zone Living

Stacking Doors:

Stacking Doors in Modern Living Room

Bifold Doors:

Bifold Doors

Extra Wide Hinged Doors:

Extra Wide Hinged Doors

These also help in better thermal insulation, or acoustic insulation. The door panels can be double glazed.

Dividing Homes into Zone

Now coming back to dividing homes into zone, it’s beneficial because you get to have best of privacy and open space as well. Install glass doors instead of walls, you get each zone with privacy, and there is no loss of spaciousness which you get with open plan living.

You have option of modern room dividers:

Modern Room Dividers

Room dividers was old fashion concept which have now received new lease of life which array of new modern touch room dividers. One example is of hanging room divider which is a simple sought of framework which has track built into or track installed on ceiling. You get to choose material you want to use for hanging room divider which you can operate vertically like blinds.

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