Make Your Veranda Pop And Eye Catching For A Lovelier Home

On April 4, 2018 by Jack Dawson

The first thing people see when they visit your home is the front veranda. It is almost like dressing. People will decide how to or whether to approach you depending on how you are dressed. The inner beauty is discovered once that outer façade is permeated.

Should your veranda look like it does not want anyone on it, you might find yourself receiving more phone calls than actual visits. Therefore, if you feel your veranda needs a little revamping or a complete makeover, here are a few verandah ideas to guide you.

The Curtains

Curtains are important in that they offer some privacy and shade from direct sunlight. You can draw them and shut the outside out, but still hear the birds chirping away in their nests.

Make sure that yours are billowy and fit in with the décor of your veranda. If you want to keep the sun out, bright frilly curtains are not going to help you much there.

The Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants
Flowers are always a nice addition to have whether indoors or outdoors. If you are not a big fan of bees, you might have a little problem here. However, colourful petals add beauty and variety to a drab veranda. They can also be a conversation piece. You can spend a happy afternoon chatting away about your hanging beauties.

The Stone Steps

Stone Steps
Just because it is stone does not mean it needs to be dull. You can make some fun stone steps with different coloured stones and a nice smooth finish. Only be sure not to make them slippery. You do not want anyone falling down and possibly breaking a hip.

The Sofa Swing

Sofa Swing
How much fun you can have on this one has been established on enough television shows.

  • You could spend a nice warm afternoon on a sofa swing knitting or reading or even taking a nap.
  • Your visitors can have a lovely visit chatting and catching up on this sofa.

The Step Lights

Step Lights
They not only light up the steps; they also:

  • Add to the safety of the steps.
  • Make the steps look beautiful.
  • Add to the fun ambience in your home.

It is nice to see where the spiders are so that you can give them a wide berth, isn’t it?


Railing-Free Veranda
A railing-free veranda looks more open and inviting than one with the railing all round. Get rid of the railings. Your veranda will even look roomier and taller.


Plant them and let them climb. They will give your veranda a burst of colour that is just beautiful to look at.


Brown Woods & Colourful Cushions
Brown woods, colourful cushions, bright flowers, brilliant walls…have a splash of colour on your veranda and let it pop. Colour has a way of lifting your mood from glum to sunny and relaxed in minutes.

There are so many more veranda ideas that you can look at and incorporate into your home for a different feel or a happier and chattier exterior. Besides, your veranda will look more inviting while giving your home that welcoming feel.

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