Professional Pressure Washing – Effective Cleaning Solution

On March 25, 2018 by Jack Dawson

After trying water, soap, scouring, scrubbing and various chemicals that do not yield the desired results, pressure washers are a worthwhile cleaning alternative. These are extremely powerful hoses that use highly pressurized water jets to blast away dirt and stains. They are ideal for barbeque grills, lawn furniture, driveways, patios and all types of exterior grime.

Pressure Washing For Better Cleaning

Pressure Washing
The combination of water and detergents helps to break down grease and grunge, which makes it easier to flush away the dirt. However, some forms of dirt do not budge regardless of how hard you try when using conventional cleaning methods. This is when a pressure washer is a practical choice as it used a high-pressure narrow jet of cold or hot water to get rid of dirt.

Since the water travels fast, it pounds dirty surfaces with high kinetic force that knocks dust and dirt away effectively. It only consists of water, which means that it does not expose hard surfaces to damage. Pressure washers can be tested on surfaces to determine their impact while cleaning.

Aspects Of A Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

Pressure washing utilizes water pumps that are usually powered by gas engines or electric motors. Water is accelerated by the pump to high pressure and squirted form a hose through the trigger gun. Different attachments can be used for cleaning a variety of things.

Water Inlet

The pressure washer is connected to the main water supply by a hose. A filter within the inlet prevents dirt and debris from entering and clogging the washer. This ensures that pieces of grit are not retained inside the water. For more information, call Big Clean HQ.


Many smaller pressure washers use domestic electric supply while larger models are powered by gas engines. A gas engine model is convenient for working outside when electricity supply is not accessible. The engine or motor is designed to facilitate water pumping.


The water pump is the core of a pressure washer. It is comparable to a hand-operated water pump on the ground but the gas engine or electric motor drives it at high speed rather than your hand. Water is sucked in from the faucet as the engine pulls the pump and when the pump is pushed the other way, water blasts out with high pressure. Water pumps are designed to accommodate a substantial amount of water flow each minute.


Hose Pipe
The high pressure hose is a tube that runs from the pressure washer to the cleaning attachment that is being used. Ordinary tubing would not handle the level of water pressure that flows through. A high-pressure hose has layers of durable and high-density plastic with wire mesh reinforcement to ensure that the hose can withstand the pressure rating of the pump.

Cleaning Attachments

The type of cleaning attachment that is used ultimately depends on what is being cleaned. Options include rotating brushes, spinning wand sprays and trigger guns.

Additional Features

Many pressure washers have extra features. Since water and electricity are a hazardous mix, residual current devices or circuit breakers are components of the power supply and provide protection in case an electrical fault occurs. Washers work in similar ways and serve the same purpose with variances of water pressure and cleaning power.

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