Reasons Why You Need To Waterproof Your Basement

On June 6, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Have you ever sat down and wondered if it is necessary to repair your basement? The old space may not seem worth the time, leave alone the money. You probably stock your old newspapers and equipment there because the room underneath is not of so much use.

The truth is your basement is worth a lot. Come to think of it; there are so many ways in which that space can benefit you that you may not know of yet. The basement is the area that supports the entire structure of your house, so it is essential that you give it the utmost care. You can do that by waterproofing it to ensure that water does not seep through, especially during the rainy seasons.

You can do so much in your basement but to get you started, waterproofing is the main thing. Below are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy when you waterproof your basement:

  • Your Foundation Becomes Stronger

Basement And Foundation Repair
Any sort of dampness in your basement will most likely begin with the floor before it even gets to the walls. Waterproofing proves to be an ideal choice if you want to enhance the support of your entire house. Any threat to the foundation will see your structure coming down or breaking when you least expect it.

So, instead of wasting the precious space by stocking it with old paperwork and heavy cabinets and furniture, you should consider transforming it to put it into better use. Besides, heavy furniture on a weak foundation is likely to damage the flooring further.

  • It Gives You Additional Space In Your Home

Foundation Crack Repair Milwaukee by McCoy Contractors
So you want to have your friends and family members come around and have a good time in your home, but you don’t have enough space to host them? Why not put your basement to use? However, your old and musty basement space is so ugly and in poor condition that you can’t stand being in there.

There’s a way out though. Just renovate it and get the whole place redone. You could start by making it waterproof to provide an ideal ground for entertainment and recreation. You still have more choices – a laundry room or a guest room will do fine. It’s up to you to decide.

  • A Waterproof Basement Is Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean Waterproof Basement
A basement that has been renovated and concrete floors installed is more comfortable to clean. Another plus is that managing it is also quite simple. You would want to spend the least time cleaning that part of the house, especially if your schedule does not permit you to spend time doing house cleaning.

  • A Waterproof Basement Keeps Your Health In Check

Waterproof Basement
A waterproof basement is clean. Everything about it is perfect – no leaks and seepage through cracks, no mold growth due to dampness, and so forth. That environment is safe for you and your family members as well. This is because it is ever dry and well ventilated to ensure that you stay in a disease-free atmosphere.

  • A Sense Of Comfort

McCoy Contractors
A basement that is clean and well ventilated creates a clean and healthy environment for friends and family members to hang around. There is a sense of emotional comfort that comes with it, whereby you don’t have to worry about your basement flooding due to heavy rains.

  • Reduces Costs Of Repair

Foundation Repair
You want to enjoy the comfort of your home and at the same time save on energy costs, right? Well, the good thing is that there is a right way in which you can do that and save a few dimes. Waterproofing your basement prevents seepage through cracks, especially during the wet season. That way, your ventilation won’t be forced to do more than it does. Hence the energy efficiency levels will increase.

You may look at your basement space and wonder why you need to transform it into something else. You want to settle your bills with ease and at the same time cater to other needs, which is quite natural and okay.

  • You Would Be Protecting Your Investment

McCoy Team
You will agree that your house is your investment. Just take some time and think about the moment you bought or put up your home. How did you feel? Proud, right? The moment was so exciting – you couldn’t wait to have it decorated and furnished.

Considering the amount of money that you spent to build it or even buy it, you would take any necessary measures to ensure that it is maintained in its proper state. Your basement demands that level of attention too. You need to inspect it regularly, have it repaired and have all the cracks sealed and waterproofed correctly. Now that your house is your one source of pride, show it some love, and you will thank yourself later.

  • The Value Of Your House Appreciates

Basement Waterproofing Contractors
Who would want to buy a house with a basement full of cracks and then go through the hassle of repairing it? Certainly no one. Any traces of problems, especially the ones to do with water are likely to shun potential buyers from buying your house in case of a resale.

  • It Gives You Peace Of Mind

What happens when you notice that water is seeping into your house and your bank account has a less than five digit reading? You are going to be stressed, if not have a significant breakdown.

You know that feeling better – that period when you feel your stomach is twisted and tied into knots that even a cup of coffee doesn’t seem to calm you down. Now, instead of wasting precious time sitting and thinking of a solution after your basement is damaged, you could go ahead of time and line it up for a change.

The “prevention is better than cure” saying well applies to this subject to show you that you do not want to watch your basement go down and later on go through the trouble of fixing it.

The most common known cause of basement damage is water. Any leaks, seepage or rainwater will affect the flooring of your basement. The foundation is usually the most vulnerable part of your house; therefore you would want to fix any mishap that can cause any build up say of moisture or condensation by waterproofing your basement.

  • It Saves You The Cost Of Insurance Claims

If you are serious about insurance matters, you probably have insurance that covers damages that occur in your home. Knowing very well that insurance services are not free, you would want to do something that would at least reduce the cost of your insurance claims.

Damage to your basement can be avoided by installing systems to drain water that is likely to cause flooding; sealing any cracks before they advance, and installation of sump pumps to help in waterproofing your basement.

It is better to spend some reasonable cash waterproofing your basement and save the extra cash that you would pay for a related insurance claim.

  • Prevents Flooding In Your Basement

Now that you have had an adequate drainage system installed in your home to divert the water that would have otherwise drained towards your house and weakened the foundation, you can now sit back and let the mechanism do its thing. At this point, you have nothing to lose.

  • The Floor Of Your Basement Is Protected

If your basement is not thick enough, which is common with most basement flooring, waterproofing it may be your only best option to achieve an extra layer of protection. Water that accumulates underneath the foundation of your house is most likely to seep through because a thin floor cannot withstand the pressure. As the pressure builds up, your floor begins to crack. You might have noticed a few cracks on your basement floor already.

Now that you know the truth behind those cracks, why don’t you do something about them and save yourself the expenses that you might incur in future to repair the severe damage?

  • Prevention Of Structural Damage

It is dangerous for water to seep through cracks in any part of your house, including your basement. When the joints where the walls and the foundation are connected seeps in excess water, that point is most likely to become weak.

That alone is already a significant threat to the structure of your home. The foundation weakens due to cracks, and the walls and floor buckle. You may not be keen enough to realize that until significant damage is done.

Waterproofing your basement is a great place to start. It’s the first place that water is going to destroy before bringing down your entire house, or causing severe damage that would need a lot of repair.

There is nothing that guarantees that you won’t require a basement repair service in future or that your basement will be completely safe once you make it waterproof. However, it’s just like an insurance cover, where you feel protected but go for that additional insurance to give you extra coverage.

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  • Nobody is protected against hurricanes and tornados. So, it’s a very smart decision to do this

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