Selection of Ganesha Idol or Picture for Auspiciousness in Home

On September 17, 2013 by Himanshu

Ganesha is Hindu lord deity which is worshiped with utmost au ever. He is considered to be problem solver, bringer of fortune, knowledge and prosperity. Placing the idol or picture of Lord Ganesha can bring auspiciousness in home and in office.

Lord Ganesha

Selection of the Lord Ganesha idol can be done according to trunk of Lord Ganesh:

Ganesha idol’s Left Side Trunk:

Idampuri Vinayaka GaneshaIdol of Ganesha where trunk is curved towards left is called: Vamamukhi or Idampuri Vinayaka. Vam means northern direction or left side.

Moon channel or Chandra nadi is situated in left. This position is associated with grihastha or the householder which is composed, relaxed, and calm.

This is direction of success in world.

The left turning trunk is worshipped more because it has easy rules and easy pooja.

Left turning trunk Ganesha is also called as Vastu Ganesha. This idol is considered best in protection against the Vastu related doshas.

Ganpati Dakshinmurti

Right Side of Trunk Ganesha Idol:

Ganpati which is other name of Ganesha, idol with trunk curving towards the right is called: Dakshinmurti or Dakshinaabimukhi murti that is idol facing towards south.

Surya Nadi or the sun channel is to face right and curve to right. This idol is Siddhi Vinayak and needs special worship. One needs to be very careful about worshipping these idols.

You need to do it with utmost respect, because right side trunk is sun which will burn or get angry. It is believed that if all worshipping is done as per the Vedas and rituals this will grant the boons faster but if rules are not followed it can get angry faster.

Cute Ganesh

Trunk in center Ganesha Idols:

This is known as Sushumna which is trunk straight forward signifying entirely open. Idols such are rare and are special.

When a Ganesha idol trunk is turned upright in air, that idols are more special, as it means the kundalini Shakti is has reached prime that is corporeal energy which is unconscious, and instinctive force which is at base of spine, awakens mystical experience, reaching top of head and producing profound mystical experience.

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