Subtle Changes to the Ultimate Décor

On January 7, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Usually, when people do interior design changes, they change everything. They pick a certain theme, get rid of the one in their home, do a thorough home cleaning and then replace it with their new choice. But transitions between themes can be: 1) much more seamless, and 2) more affordable and stylish. Yes, you can level up a style even as you are doing it. If you only do subtle changes and replace the décor one item at a time, you will barely notice the budget changes of the overall renovation and even save money on a cleaning company, and you will end up pleasantly surprised when exactly the home turned from what it was to what you want it to be. Here is how to achieve those subtle changes:

  • Step by Step

Subtle Changes to the Ultimate Décor
Of course, starting with the obvious, you don’t have to change everything all at once. Replace small things and eventually move on to bigger things. Take a stand from there, place a new ottoman here. That armchair needs to be replaced after that, then comes the time for efficient sofa cleaning, so instead let’s save on effort and cleaners and replace the sofa. One by one, all your belongings will go and the new ones will be introduced to your home. At the middle point you home will look quite the mixture, but you can make it work. And remember, these changes take time – over weeks or months, so don’t expect to have your dream living room overnight.

  • Innovate while Renovating

Subtle Changes to the Ultimate Décor2
And as you go replacing items, you might feel that there is something you don’t like in the new style, or that you want to keep something from the old. That’s fine, it means you are searching not something that will fit the home and theme, but for something that will fit your taste. Always consider yourself above all else. It doesn’t matter that the sofa doesn’t go with the new drapery if you like it that way. Make the changes you like in your own home.

  • Fear no Difficulties

Subtle Changes to the Ultimate Décor3
When doing gradual changes like these there will always be one fear: the furniture store where you are supplying yourself with all the things you like will sell the thing you like to someone else. That is no reason to get discouraged. As with every creative and imaginative person, you can find substitutes. Again, rely on your own taste to guide you and not what the fashion magazine says. Always keep in mind that the biggest difficulties will be the home cleaning to prepare for the arrival of the furniture piece and the relocation itself – picking is not hard.

Be brave and bold and do a bold subtle renovation in your home. This will mean that you won’t have to do a thorough spring cleaning and there will be no big cleaning company fees to take care of. It is just you, your taste, and the weekly or bi-weekly introducing to a new stylish piece of décor in the home. If it sounds too easy to you, that is only because it is easy. Save yourself the hassle of a full-blown disrupting renovation and do it gradually. Best of all – it is trial and error, and you can always start at the beginning.

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