29th May

How To Clean Your Fabric Upholstery Lounge

Fabric sofas and chairs can often get heavily soiled as we sit on them a lot while watching the TV or eating dinner. Lounge sofas, recliners and dining chairs are also quite costly, typically in the thousands of dollars. You want them to last at least a decade before having to replace them, and would […]

30th Apr

5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

Life has become rather fast paced these days and there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that must be done. You cannot even schedule cleaning. There is always something at work that needs immediate attention: a report to do, impromptu meetings or presentations and suchlike tasks. If you are not careful, you […]

15th Sep
5 Time Saving Tips For Home Cleaning

5 Time Saving Tips For Home Cleaning

Certain words send chills down your spine. Home Cleaning I know those two words have a chilling—and draining—effect. Some of us dread cleaning. It’s hard to put a fun spin on this task. And society places high expectations on home owners to present a professionally cleaned home at all times. How do people get this […]

08th Aug

Buying Furniture Friendly To Families & Pets

Buying new lounge sofas, dining chairs or recliner chairs can often be a confusing process for most home owners. Many customers look at the colour of the sofa, its design, style and shape, and how it might fit into their space and match with the rest of their furniture. All of these issues are important […]