10th May
10 Must-Have Items for Your Home Office

10 Must-Have Items for Your Home Office

When creating a home office space not only do you want to have a productive space, but you also one that inspires you; that separates your office from the home and yet doesn’t feel so disconnected that you don’t have any desire to enter the space. Here to help you create that inspired space is […]

29th Mar
Top 3 Unusual Ideas For Small Home Offices

Top 3 Unusual Ideas For Small Home Offices

If you are thinking that working in a large home office will make you more productive, you need to change your orientation. Although the feeling of working in a large office space is great, you can equally make your small home space work-friendly by doing the right thing! A spare corner or quiet area you […]

18th Dec
Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas

Having a home office has both pros and cons. The obvious benefit is that you will have your working space in which you can focus, brainstorm ideas and have liberties you don’t in your regular office. The downside is that you can easily slip into the workaholic mode, in which even when you’re home, you […]

04th Dec
Convert Your Attic Into An Office Space

Convert Your Attic Into An Office Space

When you decide to have a home office, it’s really a challenge to find the perfect place to position yourself. Unlike the people who live in apartments, houses are ideal for this because they have areas which are just waiting to be used for something else than their usual purpose. Besides the garage and the […]

25th Jul

How To Transform Your Garden Shed Into A Home Office

Just because a garden shed is called a garden shed, that doesn’t mean that it will have to be just a rusty place to hold your tools and equipment. It can be a beautiful space, especially an office that you would enjoy working in within the comfort of your own home. With the right design […]

24th Sep
7 Tactics To Create An Ideal Home Office

Creating A Minimalist And Productive Home Office

Creating a home office is, for some, a dream job. Now that you’re finally in a position to work from home, you’ll want a space that reflects your work ethic, maximizes productivity, and encourages creativity. While you may already have a few ideas up your sleeve, it is worth pointing out that clutter is seldom […]

04th Nov
Home Office Furniture

Tips For Choosing Home Office Furniture For Small Spaces

After making the decision to work from home, many people realise that they don’t actually have as much free space as they would like. If you are unable to dedicate an entire room to being an office, you will be forced to make do with whatever space is available (common places include the spare bedroom […]

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