22nd Aug

Home Decor And Airflow Where Design And Function Meet

Air flow in the home helps your HVAC system operate at its most efficient and effective. It spreads the hot or cool air throughout your home and gets it into the areas that need it the most. If your home furnishings are in the way of the air flow, the hot or cool air pools […]

12th Jul
8 Upgrades To Make Immediately To An Older Home

8 Upgrades To Make Immediately To An Older Home

If you have an older home or are thinking about buying one, there are many improvements that you want to consider doing right away. They will be worth your while in terms of being able to afford the upkeep of your home and to fully enjoy it. Here are 8 upgrades that you should make […]

14th May

Household Disasters: Head off These Home Problems Early or Pay the Price

Just like a car, homes need preventative maintenance. Ignoring periodic preventative maintenance on these four home systems can result in paying the price for an entire system failure. Roof Yes, a roof is a system. It’s just not a mechanical system. What all home roofs have in common is that they all have layers that […]