09th Jul

Let There Be Light: How A Brighter Home Makes A Brighter Spirit

There is something about a lovely summer’s day that kindles the human spirit; that makes a person just feel alive. Indeed, my mother used to say that “God gave us winter, so we could appreciate the summer”. The innate pleasure we derive from sunlight has been intuitively understood since the dawn of time; yet it […]

01st Jun

Afraid of Devaluation? 9 Tips to Avoid That Happening to Your Home

When considering putting your property on sale the fear of it not being as worthy of the price you’d like to ask is a common occurrence. Besides, nobody likes to have either a professional valuator or a potential client tell you that you can’t put your house on the market with the intended price you […]

18th Jan

Easy Improvements To Update The Appeal Of Your Home

Improving the appeal of your home is twice as rewarding. First off, it attracts buyers and will give you a return on your investment if you decide to sell it at some point in the future. Second, the enjoyment you get while living in a home that appeals to you is very fulfilling. Your objective […]

11th Nov

What Is A Picture Window And How Do You Decorate It?

Of all the different window types, the picture window is said to be the oldest and most austere. Used in almost every culture across every era, the picture window is loved for its simplicity and artistic beauty. The large, stationary window doesn’t open or move: It exists to cast light into a room and illuminate […]

20th Sep

Comfortable Home: 4 Must-Have Items That Make Your Living Space Better

A home should provide many things for a family. This includes a place for a family to thrive and grow. It includes safety and security. It also includes comfort. Comfort is very important. If your family members can’t feel comfortable in a house, it will certainly not feel like home. Creating comfort in your home […]