30th Nov
The Life-Changing Magic Of Natural Light In Your Office

The Life-Changing Magic Of Natural Light In Your Office

Do you want to save your company money? Turn the lights off. Seriously – between power bills, maintenance and something as simple as people forgetting to turn lights off, the cost of having the lights on in your office racks up quickly. Despite this, we seem conditioned to turn the lights on every morning without […]

29th Sep
The 12 Big Curtain Design Trends in 2018

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Curtains

All decorators and interior designers emphasize that curtains can totally change the decor of your room, but only when selected wisely. It may seem like a very simple task but it requires a lot of thought. The selection is just not based on one, but multiple factors. Here are some important aspects to consider when […]

07th Jun

Customized Curtains Give House & Office Perfect Window-Treatment

Custom made curtains are the best ways to create a great fresh look for your home and office. This fabulous window treatment method is available in different varieties and it is flexible to suit every lifestyle and budget. You can stylishly integrate your choice of look, be it archetypal, contemporary or trendy and it can […]