17th Jun

Why You Must Contribute To Preventing Water Damage

So as to prevent this menace of water damage, you must first know what causes it. There are many factors that cause water damage and so as to prevent it, you must make sure that those factors are well handled to avoid water damage. These factors are; Issues with plumbing systems Bursting or leaking pipes […]

08th Mar
When To Call In Water Damage Specialists

When To Call In Water Damage Specialists

Knowing when to call in water damage specialists can spare your property much damage and save valuable items that might be expensive or sentimental. When companies or residential homeowners need reliable emergency water damage restoration services, many rely on DKI Services to handle the situation promptly. These water damage experts have all of the necessary […]

29th Oct

The Importance Of Mold Removal

Mold spreads through your home silently. You may have an infestation right now inside your walls or foundation and not even be aware of it. In most cases, mold appears after a bad flood or some other type of water disaster. While you may be aware that water damage is present, you should not ignore […]