Top Tips On Perfect Locations To Place Home Surveillance Camera System

On June 30, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Surveillance Camera

With increasing number of crimes like home break-ins, it has become essential for house owners to tighten their security. Installation of security cameras and surveillance system is the easiest and most effective way of doing this. If you are looking to install a security system, you know that surveillance cameras can help stop break-ins and keep intruders away to protect your valuables and family members from any burglars or vandals.

There are various types of security cameras and systems available in the market to fit into any budgets and specifications. Whichever security system you choose, the effectiveness of it is largely influenced by the location it is placed. It is imperative to select the places around your home where surveillance and monitoring are most needed to fix the cameras accordingly. In this article, we will discuss some crucial factors to consider while you install a home security system for maximum effectiveness.

Where To Fix Home Security Cameras?

As discussed above, proper positioning of security cameras plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate surveillance. People who are new it can benefit by using some of the best camera placement apps and software, which will aid in placing cameras at different locations and adjust them until you get the best possible surveillance.

Based on the home security stats, some of the ideal spots to install security cameras are:

  • Front Door (Mandatory Location) Home intrusion crime statistics show that almost 34% of the burglars tend to break into the houses through the front door, so it is mandatory to have a camera fixed there. It is ideal to place the camera at the level of the second-floor level so that the intruder will not be able to knock out the camera. If your home is single-storied, then you can fix your front door camera by covering it with mesh wire to protect it from any attempt to tamper it deliberately.
  • Backdoor (Mandatory) About 22% of the break-ins to houses are through the back door, so it is necessary to fix a camera at this spot too. This is needed if there are any side doors too. As in case of a front door, try to keep it out of reach of humans to avoid chances for tampering.
  • Off The Street Windows It is also noted that about 23% in case of burglaries, they break into a house through rear windows, which are off the view from the street. This helps the intruder to easily break in without being noticed by any passerby or patrols. So, it is essential to fix a camera to off-street windows.
  • Other Vital Positions With front, back, side doors and off-street windows covered, you may have prevented 80% of the burglar break-ins. However, to make it even safer, there are some other key points that you can consider the surveillance layout, such as:
    • Garage
    • Second floor
    • Driveways
    • Basement
    • Yard etc.

You need to first do auditing with the help of a Surveillance Camera Philadelphia expert to understand the needs and estimate the number of cameras and other infrastructure to make your home fully risk-proof.

Some Mistakes To Avoid While Placing Security Cameras

Both outdoor and indoor placements are required to ensure optimum effectiveness of your camera surveillance system. Further, we will discuss some of the mistakes people tend to make while considering security camera placement.

  • Not Considering The Importance Of Securing The Surveillance Cameras

People are keen on installing cameras, but one of the major mistake people tend to make is not ensuring the security of their security devices. Many cases have been reported where burglars first spot the cameras and then tamper it to proceed with their course of action. There can be the difference in placing the security cameras inside and outdoor.

  • Cameras Cannot Multitask

Surveillance cameras are not meant for multitasking. You need first to decide what purpose you need to serve with cameras to decide the placement. Home security cameras may not be able to pick up the license plate of a vehicle or cover the entire street. First, prepare a surveillance camera position diagram to initiate it effectively.

  • Placing Cameras At The Highest Possible Point

Overdoing the requirement to protect cameras, some tend to place it at the highest possible point of the property. They also think that it is in the best position to cover more area. It is true that it may give you a larger view, but you may not be able to get a detailed view in case if you want to understand the features of an intruder in case. You cannot identify a person’s face from that height unless you install an advanced PTZ camera, which can cover wider angles with optimum quality.

  • Using Cameras Without WDR

Many people may fail to check if the camera they choose is WDR (wide dynamic range) enabled. Without this, the images may be hardly identifiable in case if you have to zoom and identify personal features in case of an intrusion. WDR offers a view of better details in the darker areas too, captured by the camera. You have to consider WDR mandatory for the entrances, if not all.

  • Failing To Ensure Enough Lighting

Irrespective of how you position your surveillance cameras, don’t forget to consider the lighting issue for night monitoring. If you don’t use specialized night vision cameras, it is essential to ensure adequate lighting to get clear footage during dark hours. However, it will not be ideal to place the cameras too close to the light, as this will give disrupted video footage. The outdoor cameras pointing directly to sunlight will also end up in having stripes in the image.

After knowing the do’s and don’ts of installing surveillance cameras, the next big thing is to make a relevant choice of cameras and other infrastructure to ensure the best possible security surveillance at your home. With the increasing demand for security surveillance, there are many providers in the industry offering a wide range of products and services in this sector. So, don’t be in a hurry to purchase and install your system, but take your time and do intensive research to make an appropriate surveillance plan and get hold of the best hardware and installation service.

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