Vintage Interior Design – Part 2

On May 31, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Magnificent Living Space

For all the creative lot who have by some sad fate ended up in a boring 9 to 5 job can use their long forgotten talent to build by the interiors of their very own house. All you need is to have a good eye for such stuff, and quite honestly a lot of money in your wallet that lets your imagination go wild; with money as no boundation one can create a magnificent living space in no time on its own. Don’t worry it’s not much of an expensive affair either, but if you are the one who’d go a step ahead while being creative, thinking outside the box, a few ideas might sweep in that’ll call for making major changes in the living room. Plan out a rough draft on how you want things to turn out, what are your tastes and preferences, what is that particular feature of the vintage look that you are particularly fond of and then take steps to create the similar type of home for yourself by picking up ideas from your favorite magazine, sitcoms or a restaurant you have recently been to. Vintage interior designs can be witnessed everywhere now, one only needs to have a presence of mind to spot the style and get home, hire a good workforce who has the necessary skill to perfectly imitate the blueprints in your mind for real in your living room.

Art Décor

For any specific style be careful not to overdo it, meaning the themes should not be exaggerated, overexerting the look that instead should be appearing as engrossing and creative. Make changes to only what you think desperately demand for the same, work out your schematic designs and jot it down in the form of a flowchart so as to firm up the final concepts of the design stage. For the elements that should be on the top of your mind in the planning procedure are lightning’s inside the room, maintaining an art décor if you are a fan, particularly good taste in furniture’s of the room and above all the necessary space management technique knowing what would go where.

Italian Interior Design

The preferred interior designs styles can be as eclectic as one wants to be, surf around the options and create a mix of Italian interior design styles with vintage look and minimalistic design. Apply inspiration and motivation into your home project, put our heart into it and make wise decisions in choosing people who would bring life to the budding project. There are majorly four famous combinations to do so.

American Look Antique Furniture

  1. The typical colonial American look that calls for the antique furniture’s, with traditional lamps and floral prints wallpapers and curtains. Everything in the room under such classification is of subtle brownish shade, with most wooden work. Use of loud colors is kept to a minimal, as a serene look is what the person is particularly aiming to achieve.Western Style Bright Color Walls
  2. Second famous is the south western style that incorporates within itself the use of bright colors on the walls with light colored wooded furniture.Creative Antique Objects
  3. Prime focus on the art and display of an array of creative objects constitute the third type of vintage look. Here focus is made on collecting the antiques from the past that have some importance from the past.

The American retro type of interior design that has a raw grayish background wall, with a lot scribbling, basically it would be a mess that would look classy, usually most preferred by the young generation.

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  • Hi i am a kitchen designer and always look for sum new inspiration on what to do next. Thank you for the post and please see our vintage kitchens we have designed and please tell me what you think?

  • Wow, Abhijit, it is not just vintage design – it is luxury! I am greatly impressed, thank you for sharing.

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