10 Best Above Ground Pool Accessories You Must Have


It is that time of the summer when the heat occupies most of the world. These hot days are pushing us to our limits. Plus, the recent prevalence of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has left us locked in our homes. Things are only seeming to get worse day by day.

Above Ground Pool Accessories

But who says you cannot have fun while staying at your home. You don’t even need an in-ground pool to do that. Of course, an above-ground pool has many advantages over an in-ground. And here are the ten best above ground pool accessories that you must have to take your summer fun time to the next level.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Pump

Above-Ground Pool Pump

An above-ground pool pump has to be an absolute necessity if you are an above ground pool owner. They are essential for keeping the pool nice and clean. They pull the water from the skimmer system, guide the water through, and put it back into the pool. This process is necessary for the well-functioning of the pool cleaning system. But for buying a pump, you need to calculate the flow rate and head. Once you have done that, then you are good to go.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Ladders

Above-Ground Pool Ladders

With many large-sized above ground pools nowadays, someone might get hurt while trying to enter it directly. Many pools usually come with a preset ladder or steps. But these ladders are generally made up of very cheap material and tend to break, leading to injury. Therefore, the pool ladder becomes an essential buy for children and even adults. Make sure to buy the one made from durable material.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Covers

Above-Ground Pool Covers

Pool covers are an essential buy for above ground pools. They help to keep the unwanted debris out of the pool and make you reduce the effort of cleaning the water. Though they are most of the time supplied with the pool, they are usually not that durable and don’t last much longer, nor do they do a perfect job. Therefore it becomes necessary to buy one.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Vacuums

Above-Ground Pool Vacuums

Even though you may have been using a pool cover, the chances are that some form of debris and mud gets sneaked. If you have been suffering from cloudy water, your pool must grow algae and needs cleaning now. A pool vacuum can get the job done. There are many types of pool vacuums, from manual requiring a lot of effort to automated robotic, which require no human interaction. It all depends on the amount you are looking to spend.

  1. Saltwater Chlorinator

Saltwater Chlorinator

Although you can use chemicals for your pool to keep it hygienic and clear, that will most likely cost you a fortune. A better long-term investment is to buy a saltwater generator. It will cost you something from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. They also require deficient maintenance and will keep your labor at bay.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Skimmers

Above-Ground Pool Skimmers

They are similar to the underground gutter that you have seen in swimming pools. Mostly, the floating ones are used here because of the thin walls of above ground pools. Their job is to clean the water by skimming. They filter any debris of insects or a leaf falling or any sunblock oil residue.

  1. Beautiful Pool Lights

Beautiful Pool Lights

Pool lights are essentially floating lights or magnetic lights that come in various colors for you to choose from. They are entirely waterproof and allow for a great and immersive experience. They are either solar-powered or battery-powered. Pool lights offer many customizable options available for you to have fun around.

  1. Thermometers For Your Pool

Thermometers For Your Pool

If you are living in a hot climate, the water temperature may rise to dangerous levels. You may have a similar experience in cold weather where water may lose warmth dangerously.

These thermometers are cheaply available, and you can attach them on the side along with the skimmer, where they can provide you with reading before entering the water. They are not only there to keep you safe but also offer a high level of convenience.

  1. Heaters


These may not be necessary for those living in the warmer zones. But if you live in a cold climate, the chances are that you may have summer for only a few months to enjoy your pool. While just waiting for the summer to arrive, the rest of the year. A pool heater can solve that problem for you. There are many types, like solar covers, which are much cheaper. Then there are gas heaters and solar heaters that are more expensive but offer you much more control. It is all up to where you live and what you can afford!

  1. Floating Wireless Speaker

Floating Wireless Speaker

You may think that speakers may not be necessary. But there is no fun without music. Now you can enjoy the waterproof luxury of music right in your swimming pool without having to think about it getting malfunctioning. They are completely wireless and easily connected to your computer, phone, or any other media-playing device. But you can buy this only if you are a music lover, even though I highly recommend it!

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