10 Best DIY Garden Decor Ideas


Gardens have been a necessary part of people’s homes since the dawn of civilization. Once a privilege of kings and emperors, today they are accessible to anybody with some spare space around their house. However, equipping a garden with necessary accessories can be traumatizing to your wallet. So here are the top 10 best DIY garden decor ideas to help you make your oasis look nicer.

  1. Old Tires

Old Tires

How many times have you seen an old tire lying around some mechanics shop or near a garbage bin? Did you know that they are not environmentally friendly since they’re made out of oil and take a long time to decompose? It would be best to recycle them and thus saving our precious planet. You can use regular car tires to substitute for flower pots, as they are wider and hold more plants. They can be easily decorated with paint, or you can cut the edges and make a lovely flower out of them. As for those big truck tires, you can make a swing out of them for kids (or yourself) to play.

  1. Old Pallets

Old Pallets

Pallets make for a great piece of furniture. They are becoming more and more fashionable. If you don’t believe us visit your local coffee shop and see for yourself. You can make a great little flower cupboard out of them. The same goes for garden furniture, as pallets are very durable. Since they are made from light and softwood, they can be easily modified into any shape you desire. You can also make a small wooden path out of the boards: squeeze them into the ground. Just watch your fingers with that hammer!

  1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Plastic is probably the greatest environmental problem of the 21st century. Save our planet by recycling those old and dirty plastic bottles that lie around your house. You can cut an opening on one side of the plastic bottle, place it horizontally and put some soil in it. Plant some seeds in the soil and voilà – you got yourself a flower pot that you can attach to the edge of your window. If you paint them different colors, nobody would ever tell that they were once old juice bottles. Let your imagination run wild.

  1. Marbles In A Fence

Marbles In A Fence

This one sounds a bit complicated, but really it isn’t. Just take a drill and make holes in your fence. The more, the merrier. Then take some marbles and try to lodge them in the holes. Suppose you don’t have marbles. Any broken glass (preferably with many colors) would do. When the light starts shining on your fence, it will cast wonderful colored lights on your garden. Your garden will pretty much start looking like a magical fairy disco club.

  1. Use Old Bricks

Use Old Bricks

You can use old bricks to make miniature fences for your flowerpots. Place them horizontally and push them halfway into the ground. This will create a tidy image of your garden as the soil will no longer spill outside the area designated for flower pots. If the bricks are broken or dirty, you can use them to create small brick roads leading to various sections of your garden, making mosaics out of shattered bits and pieces. Finally, if you get lost on your lovely garden paths, don’t forget to tap your heels three times, and you’ll be back in Kansas in no time.

  1. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Who says that Christmas lights can only be put out at Christmas. They’re just sitting there in some old cupboard and gathering dust only to be taken out for one month in the year. Make them useful for the whole year. They don’t waste that much power since nowadays they’re made out of power-saving LED lights. Put them around your porch or fence. You can also place them near the flower pots and shed new light on your oasis.

  1. A Place For Kids

A Place For Kids

We all loved playing outside when we were kids. If your kids avoid being in the garden and spend their day playing video games, maybe you should build a little incentive for them. You can make a small corner with swings for them to enjoy the scenery. The color is the keyword here: Try to paint everything in as many colors you can afford. If you don’t have kids, you can still use the kid’s corner. Just release your inner child and enjoy your garden from a child’s perspective.

  1. Build Your Own Hammock

Build Your Own Hammock

Believe it or not, something simple as a hammock can actually be a little pricey. To avoid spending money on something so simple, take some old ragged clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time, sew them together, and you got yourself a basis for a hammock. Make sure to make it in several layers because you don’t want it to rip. Attach ropes to the sides and place them between two trees, but they are in the shade. Since you’re bound to fall asleep at least once, you should have cover from the Sun.

  1. Bottle Or Tin Lanterns

Bottle Or Tin Lanterns

Bottles and tins make for great lanterns. Take an old bottle, clean it up a bit, and color it with your kid’s calcimine colors. Next, insert a candle inside, and you have yourself a nice candle holder for the outside, making your garden table looks like a fancy restaurant table. As for those tins, drill holes in them and place a candle inside. You can put them near the flowers, on the fence, around your garden furniture, or on the edge of your brick road to make that special magical effect in the night.

  1. Decorate Stumps

Decorate Stumps

People often have a perfect vision of their garden, and in pursuit of that vision, they often overlook the nice natural beauty of their gardens. If there is an old stump in your garden, don’t throw it out yet. You can make a flowerpot or a garden table out of it. Plus, dead trees are a part of your garden’s history and shouldn’t be discarded. Embrace all aspects of your lovely oasis!

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