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Swimming Pool

Finding a professional contractor who remodel swimming pools is key to giving your pool a look it deserves. That said, we’ll talk about some of the best ideas if you’re planning to have your pool remodeled. We’ve made a list with 10 of the best pool remodeling ideas to help you plan and conceptualize your next renovation project.

So, let’s begin.

  1. Update Pool Plaster

Plaster is one of the most common pool interior materials used on residential swimming pools – and for a good reason. Plaster is not only affordable, but it also offers some unique features that are perfect for your backyard pool. Here are a few.

  • White plaster lets you see clearly if someone needs help.
  • It’s easy to spot stains and structural issues.
  • White plaster can make the water look more inviting.

Apart from the traditional white plaster, this pool finish can also be had in several colors. Ask your pool contractor to add your choice of coloring agent to achieve the look you desire. Because plaster is affordable, you can still fit pool replastering in your budget, even if you’re pinching pennies.

  1. Keep it Posh with Pool Pebble

If you want to give your pool an upgrade, you can have it remodeled using pool pebble. Pool pebble may be more expensive than plaster, but the benefits it brings to the table outweigh its not-so-affordable upfront cost. To put things into perspective, plaster can last you a good 7 years while pebble can last for about 15 to 20 years. Also, upgrading to pool pebble can make for a lasting pool interior in the integrity of the pool’s structure and its aesthetic value. Pool pebble is highly resistant to stains, whether they’re organic or metallic in nature. You can also choose many colors from when it comes to the depth of hue that pool pebble has to offer, making it an ideal pool interior when remodeling. Here are some of your choices when using pool pebble.

  • Large pool pebble.
  • Mini pool pebble.
  1. Make it Elegant with Pool Tiles

If you really want to kick your pool remodeling up a notch, you can use pool tiles instead of plaster or pebble. Pool tiles rival pool pebble when it comes to durability and reliability but exceed it when it comes to elegance and beauty. It can be had in different styles and colors, increasing the spectrum of how you can arrange your pool interior. Pool tiles are also hard-wearing and are also highly resistant to stain, and can hold up well against the chemicals you use to treat the water. There’s also less chance that microorganisms can latch on it as the tiles can be too smooth for microorganisms to hang on to. Below are some of the choices you have when using pool tiles.

  • Glass tile.
  • Porcelain tile.
  • Ceramic tile.
  • Stone tile.
  1. Repurpose Your Pool

Another reason why pool owners have their pools remodeled is that they want to use it for a specific purpose. You may have bought a house with a pool in it, and you want to turn it into an athletic pool instead of a leisure pool. Other homeowners ask their contractors to change the depth of the pool to accommodate water therapy. Pool remodeling does not only involve the changing of the interior but also the shape and the depth of the pool. That said, don’t be afraid to consider changing your pool into a lap pool from a recreational pool.

  1. Add Features

You can also add more features to your pool if you’re having it remodeled. There is a slew of new pool features that will surely pique your fancy like a Baja step. Baja steps are a shallow platform that serves as both the pool entrance and a lounge area where you can put up pool furniture and large umbrellas. Baja steps are features typically found on hotel pools and resorts, but nothing can stop you from bringing this luxury home. You can ask your pool contractor to plan a Baja step in the remodeling draft, which they’ll be more than happy to set up for you. Here are a few more popular features.

  • Glass wall
  • Waterfalls
  • LED lights
  1. Customize Your Coping

Coping is the part of the pool that separates the pool and its shell from the surrounding area. To put it simply, your pool’s coping is the immediate platform that acts as the edge of the deck before you enter the pool. It can be customized using various materials to match your pool’s interior and pool deck, giving your pool a cohesive appearance. It can even be had in materials of contrasting colors, which makes your coping stand out. Here are a few coping ideas.

  • Brick coping
  • Hancrete
  • Poured in place
  • Travertine
  1. Upgrade Your Deck

You can also upgrade from a simple brushed concrete deck to one made out of stamped or colored concrete. This will give your deck a unique appearance that can also match the entirety of your pool. Pool companies specializing in remodel swimming pools can even help you get expensive materials like natural stones giving your deck an elegant and beautiful look. If you’re on the market for pool decking ideas, here are a few.

  • Pavers
  • Grey concrete.
  • Colored concrete.
  • Stamped concrete.

You can also kick it up a notch and use a rolling deck. These pool decks are made above the actual pool and serve as a cover and spare space.

  1. Improve Your Pool Equipment

You can also improve your pool’s equipment when you are remodeling your pool. In fact, it’s actually one of the best times to have your pool equipment revisited and inspected. You’ll be surprised to find corroded components and rusty pipes, so it’s high time you get it replaced or repaired. Pool remodeling isn’t just about maintaining your pool’s looks but also its performance.

  1. Convert It To A Saltwater Pool

You can also have your pool contractor convert your traditional chlorine pool into a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools still use chlorine but in small amounts, just right to sanitize the pool water and keep the water’s chemistry checked. There are certain benefits from converting your pool from using conventional chlorine to having a saltwater generator. Here are a few.

  • Less chemical exposure.
  • Reduced dangers of storing chemicals at home.
  1. Have It Landscaped

Finally, a little landscaping can help improve the value of your pool. Landscaping allows you to give your pool a beautiful arrangement for a backdrop instead of a cluttered mess. It can make your backyard look clean and your pool more beautiful.

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