10 DIY Halloween Décor Ideas For 2020


DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

Even as Halloween is just around the corner, gearing up for this time of the year surely brings so much happiness and brightens up everything around. While this is a traditional holy day mainly celebrated by Christians, it is now celebrated like a festival by people of other religions and meant for family togetherness and fun. The day also is known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ that comes just before All Saints Day marks the day when the restless spirits walk on earth, and we try our best to appease them. Apart from the real reason, it is surely a splendid occasion for children, guests, and families alike. You cannot deny that the real fun is in decorating your house for this special occasion.

And, the joy in decorating everything with your own hands is unmatched. So, let’s look at these DIY Halloween ideas that can scare the living daylights out of anyone.

  1. Marbled Pumpkins:

Marbled Pumpkins

Now, pumpkins have surely been a decoration that can never go out of fashion. However, while the traditional carved pumpkins might be the same old, you can give it a new and colorful twist. Put any two or three color nail paints in a bowl filled with water. Then dip the cut pumpkin in it and put it to dry.

  1. Virtual Background Scare:

Virtual Background Scare

Choose a scary background and download it. Now prepare and sign in to a Zoom call with your friends, hit on the stop video icon, click the right arrow, and choose a virtual background.

  1. Autumnal Theme:

Autumnal Theme

If you do not feel like decorating your house with a scary feel, you can also opt for an autumnal theme with stacked pumpkins and hay bales with a trendy yellow color as a background.

  1. Harry Potter Theme:

Harry Potter Theme

If you don’t want a very scary look, and your children are fans of Harry Potter movies, it is easier to replicate the scene with bare pumpkins and scarecrows in front of your home.

  1. Wood Cut-Out At Your Garage Door:

Wood Cut-Out At Your Garage Door

You can use a Dremel tool to get an incredible result at cutting out this Halloween styled cut-out. You can make a hand-drawn stencil for the décor, use it on the softwood and make a silhouette out of it.

  1. Giant Spiders:

Giant Spiders

You can make out of the simplest things lying around like black colored trash bags with duct tape. To give it enough volume, you can also put cotton or waste newspaper inside the plastic-wrapped spider.

  1. Annabelle Doll:

Annabelle Doll

Don’t be surprised! You can do it yourself too. And for that, you can use any of the old ragged dishes that you might have played in your childhood. Now, this is sure to evoke cherishable memories of childhood. You pierce one of the eyes and put a glowing light in it for that eerie look. Use paint to give the illusion of blood and apparition.

  1. Jack Skellington Wreath:

Jack Skellington Wreath

Now, if you are an ardent fan of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas,’ this can be the perfect decoration to hang around your house. You can make a showy trinket by using colorful tulles and then pasting a cut-out of Jack Skellington’s face on it. Wouldn’t it be such an exciting evening with Jack Skellington at your house?

  1. Multicolor Foam Jack O’Lantern Stacked Archway:

Multicolor Foam Jack O’Lantern Stacked Archway

You can color all the plastic pumpkins of another color and make your entrance as vibrant and spooky as possible, just like a natural canopy over your house. That would look spectacular, won’t it?

  1. Fabric Hanging Ghosts:

Fabric Hanging Ghosts

This may look hard to prepare, but you won’t believe how easy it is in reality. You can also use small waste tins or cans lying around and stick corners of the white flimsy cloth to give it a ghostly vibe.

While you can use all these ideas in your Halloween Decorations, the main decoration would be a beautiful smile on your lips and that of your family members. Celebrate Halloween this 2020 with a heartful exuberance!

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