10 DIY Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Spacious


Living rooms act as a gateway to your home. Therefore, if you’re living in a small space, every interior aspect of a room matters. If not designed properly, even large spaces can look confining and small. But, by implementing some simple tips in your living room, you can revamp its look and make it look more spacious and cleaner than usual. Look no further as we enlist 10 DIY tips that will help you make your living room space with ease.

  1. Clean the Windows and Floor

Clean the Windows and Floor

Often overlooked, yet the most useful and convenient solution. Sometimes it’s just cleanliness, and tidiness is the key to making a seemingly confined room look spacious. If you have windows or balcony in your living room, make sure you clean them regularly. Cleaning windows will make way for natural light to enter your room. Thus, an abundant amount of light in a room makes it look bigger, similarly, to the floor. Clean floors enhance the look of a room.

  1. Paint Your Room in Soft Colors

Small Open Plan Living Room Apartment

The color in which you paint your living room can impact the feel of a room. Paint your room in soft color tints and shades of white, blue, and green to make your room appear bigger than it is. Pastel colors like aqua, cream, light pink, light blue, white, etc. and neutral colors like white and gray can help you attain the same purpose.

  1. Lighting Treatment

Lighting In The Attic Rooms

Make a way for natural light to enter your living room. Install lighting fixtures in case you have insufficient lights in your living room. If you already have sufficient lighting fixture slots, replace dim light bulbs with bright light tubes/bulbs. Brightly lit spaces enlighten the impact and feel of a small space and make it look spacious. There are varieties of light fixtures; you can opt for a suitable one according to your living room size and budget.

  1. Reorganize Furniture


Reorganizing furniture in your living room is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to make it look spacious. The same kind of furniture arrangement can seem to confine at times. Since rearranging furniture requires only your time and effort, you can restructure the furniture settings whenever you want. One benefit of reorganizing is that it can prove to be a great stress buster as well.

  1. Use Multipurpose Cupboards


If you want to invest in altering the look of your living room, multipurpose cupboards can prove extremely beneficial. Multipurpose cupboards are divided into three sections; the bottom and the upper section are divided into equal slots for storage. The middle section serves as both a writing/study table and storage space. You can use the bottom and upper section for keeping clothes and a middle section for storing study material. There are various multipurpose cupboards available in the market; you can choose one according to your budget.

  1. Get Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Using wooden furniture for storage in the living room can alter its look completely. Ensure that you don’t opt for furniture with dark brown color since it can make your living room look small. Opt for cream color wooden furniture to make your room appear spacious. But don’t clutter your room with a lot of furniture.

  1. Hang Photos on the Wall

Wall Decor

Yes, you read it right! You can either hang frames of memories with your loved ones or other handicrafts on the wall. Do not clutter your wall with too many photos/handicrafts. Four to five photos (A4 or A3 size) are sufficient enough to revamp the feel of your room. Arrange the photos in a pentagon shape. The larger the size of the photo, the spacious your room will appear.

  1. Life-size Wallpaper

Life-Size Wallpaper

Life-size wallpaper is another good option. Life-size wallpapers have proven to maximize the feel of a room. If you have sufficient budget, opt for life-size wallpaper for a specific wall in the living room. You can also opt for a textured wall. You can paint one yourself.

  1. Fabric and Its Color Matters

Window Curtain Design

Ensure that you use lightweight cotton fabric (for curtains and sofa). Using gleamy and heavy fabric can make your room feel confined and small. White, cream, and beige colors radiate positive energy and make the small living room appear big. Also, choose the fabric of colors that go well with the room’s overall color scheme since using contrasting colors can hamper your room’s feel.

  1. Decluttering is the Key

Vertical Garden In Living Room

Get rid of items you no longer need. Broken chairs, damaged newspaper stack, or anything else, dispose of these items at the earliest. In newspapers and books, assign a place to store these things and ensure that you keep things in their allotted place only. Avoid dumping clothes on the sofa.

If you have an attached balcony to your living room, you can install a vertical garden. Vertical gardens will improve the quality of air entering your home.

Placement of furniture, lighting treatment, and furniture color are the primary factors that impact a room’s look. Implementing these simple DIY tips will make your living room look spacious.

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