10 Effortless Ways To Decorate Your Bookshelf


Decorate A BookShelf

The Bookshelves offer an organizational sense for books of all shapes and sizes but also can provide space for other objects such as frames, decorations, or souvenirs that you want to show off to visitors. Enliven your shelves by incorporating some items you already have in your home. There are a few simple ways to follow so that you can decorate the bookshelf and enhance the decoration of your house. 

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  1. Add A Plant

The plant decoration of your bookshelf is to find unique ways to display your houseplants and to create a healthy and inspirational place to look at.

Besides the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoor plants are incredibly beneficial to our body and spirit.

You can try using prayer plants, calathea, snake plants, pothos, philodendron, peace lily, ZZ plant, nerve plant, hoya, or ferns for the purpose.

All these maintenance-friendly beauties will be super happy living on a shelf with some indirect light. If you lack a green thumb, you should try using artificial plants for the same visual impact.

  1. Add Some Cute Bookends

A bookend is used as support positioned at the end of a row of books to keep them standing, usually forming one of a pair.

Bookends are a great way to showcase your favorite books and add a personal touch to a bookshelf.

The use of a simple bookend will add more decorative value than the use of an extremely detailed one. You can find numerous bookends in shops specifically made for decorative purposes.

  1. Install A Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladders add character and charm to a space mostly when they are filled with some pretty glass vases or used to display extra blankets.

This is a simple way to add an unexpected style to the bookshelf by placing the ladder next to the bookshelf.

  1. Use Colorful Covers

Making color-coded bookshelves is a simple method for organizing books on the shelves as colorful objects always manage to draw people’s attention by their appearance.

The small collection of books does not always come with an assorted color shade.

You should therefore buy an external cover for the books you have. Purchasing a few covers with similar color shades of the market will be a great choice for decorating the bookshelf.

  1. Include Fun Lighting

Proper illumination can help stabilize your circadian rhythm and improve your overall mood. A bookshelf will sparkle to the maximum if you include a good lighting system suitable for it.

You should try to use a static LED lighting system because the RGB lighting system will end up ruining the aesthetic of a bookshelf.

  1. Embrace Funky Shapes

The funky design of the shelves is more than eye-catchy; it makes your books more attractive and more representative of your personality and style.

A flat panel is fairly elegant in itself, but the bent panels have even more charm. The curves may be angular and dramatic or may be smooth and rounded according to the desired appeal.

  1. Use A Cabinet

The combination of cabinet and open shelves gives a bookshelf a very sleek look. The cabinet offers multiple purposes as it helps store items and keeps the clutter out of sight. Bookshelves found in shops come primarily with open shelves and closed cabinets.

  1. Add Baskets

Baskets are a convenient storage solution and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, so you can easily incorporate storage into your decor.

Try using baskets for elegantly organizing your bookshelf. If the only place an integrated bookshelf exists is in your daydreams, opt for a yarn basket full of your favorite readings instead.

  1. Hang Art

This is the art that designers sometimes hang on the frame of the bookshelf. The art or painting should be in a perfect ratio to the shelf, or it will ruin the sole purpose of decorating the bookshelf.

The most challenging part of this method is selecting the perfect art. You can envision choosing the perfect art according to the design language of the bookshelf.

  1. Find Your Own Style

You should always listen to your own and follow the style of décor that your heart suggests. Since you will be the one who will see the shelf almost every day, you must be satisfied with the decoration.

You should add items to the bookshelf that you like the most because self-gratification is also more necessary than having an elegant decoration.


Now you have a comprehensive idea of the decoration of a bookshelf perfectly. We have covered the easiest and best ways to decorate their bookshelves for you. A shelf is never complete in the absence of books.

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