10 Factors To Consider When Selecting Kitchen Equipment


Kitchen Equipments

There is an appliance for everything when it comes to the kitchen, and there are so many varieties to choose from. It can be challenging to know what to take and what to leave. When it comes to placing them in the kitchen, you want to be sure that the kitchen can handle all the appliances that you want to leave in it, so here is a ten-step guide to get you going and make your decisions easier:

  1. Commercial Kitchen Appliances

There is a big difference between domestic and commercial equipment. Domestic equipment will not handle the day-to-day use of these appliances and can cause unexpected problems. Commercial machines are designed for excessive use to go that route from the start.

  1. Should You Hire Or Should You Buy

Buying might be expensive if you start, and hiring equipment can become costly if you need it regularly. The best way to combat this problem is to work smart instead of hard. Start by hiring your equipment and replacing it one piece at a time after every job. Make the sacrifice to use the money constructively until you can afford all the pieces.

  1. Maintenance Costs

Once you have started buying your catering equipment, consider the maintenance that each piece of equipment will need. Many catering companies work an additional fee into each quote so that they can cover breakages of their equipment during a job, and this money can go toward the maintenance of your appliances.

  1. Space

Commercial equipment comes in various sizes, and it can take up a lot of space if you are using your home to start your business. Work out your menu and think of the essential equipment pieces you would want to keep without taking up space, costing too much, or not being versatile enough. Select the smaller versions of what you are looking for, and then move onto more significant equipment when you have more space to work in.

  1. Can You Use The Equipment For Everything?

We live in a world where every allergy is suddenly heightened tenfold, and your catering equipment needs to be suitable to cater to all your clients. You need to take care not only of their dietary needs but also of religious needs.

  1. Can You Save Energy?

Some kitchen appliances can run up an electric bill more than others and can cost you a fortune to use. Look for energy-efficient appliances that are not too expensive to maintain or purchase if you need to buy two.

  1. Medium Energy Performance Standards

New legislation could save you loads of money by insisting that all your equipment be energy efficient and checked for its safety, especially in refrigeration.

  1. Warranty

Ensuring that your equipment will keep up with the ever-changing demands of the catering world will ensure that you do not buy outdated equipment—future proof your equipment by purchasing versatile kits that you can use for years to come.

  1. Style

Even though your equipment needs to be functioning, it also needs to match the theme you have set for your business. Having mismatched equipment can look very unprofessional and unprepared. Stick to neutral colors and items that don’t have too many trimmings to keep it trendy and neat looking.

  1. Remeasure

After you have started moving in the first bits of equipment, re-evaluate the kitchen to make sure that you can fit in the rest. It is easy to get the sizes wrong so keep checking so that you do not get stuck in a space without putting everything on the counters or not enough room to work.

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