10 Laser Cut Design Ideas For Your Home


Now that you have all of your equipment and materials to make laser cut panels and shapes, are you finding yourself short of ideas on what to make? The fact that lasers can work with so many types of material means the possibilities are nearly boundless. Here are ten ideas that will make useful additions to your home.

1. Landscape Screens

Landscape Screens
Landscape screens are one of the most beautiful separators in existence. Taking laser cut panels and installing them outdoors where the patio and the lawn meet can make for an eye-catching demarcating structure. Or they can be put in the background of a flower garden, adding to the complete picture with a floral or tree design. Architects and designers are getting more involved with laser cutting, particularly on unique materials such as salvaged metal, wood panelling, or plastic. This is because laser cut designs have a powerful aesthetical effect and can transform simple spaces into impactful ones.

2. Shutters

Designed Shutters
If landscape screens have multipurpose uses for the outside of the home, these panels can do the same thing on the inside. Designed shutters will effectively obstruct the view from the outside world, while adding an abundance of décor. Metal is the most typical choice for this material, however wood is also an excellent option.

3. Coasters

In order to keep tables looking their best for the long haul, they need to be protected from chronic staining. Staining due to condensation from beverage glasses set on them is one of the most common causes of defacement. So, why not prevent this staining by laser cutting some coasters? A variety of organic and metallic materials can be utilized.

4. Engraved Glassware

Engraved Glassware
Speaking of beverage glasses, making engravings using a laser cutter can really take them to the next level. Utilizing the laser for glass has its advantages over traditional methods of creating this artwork. Etching and grinding are considerably more time-consuming, and leave more room for error. Etching is also done with hydrofluoric acid, the use of which comes with dangers. The Harvard Chemistry department has special procedures for its handling.

5. Jars

Colorfully Painted And Distressed Vintage Style Mason Jars
Another application where the laser can be used to engrave glass are personalized labels for jars. Powders, cleaning liquids, spices, loose tea leaves, and many more items that can be stored in jars will have a far more eye-appealing look with an engraving than a label such as writing the name of the item on a piece of tape.

6. Pillows

Laser Cut Pillows
Pillows are for more than just having a comfortable place to lay your head when you want to sleep. They also serve as complements for furniture, especially couches. If you desire a modern look, laser cut pillows are an excellent choice. They are much cheaper to do yourself than to purchase, and don’t forget to research the best complementary patterns for your furniture.

7. Cutlery

Are you looking for some new eating utensils? You can really add a personal touch the dining experience in your home for your family and guests by making your own spoons, knives, and forks. You can also stand out by not using metal. Bamboo is an excellent alternative, being user-friendly in both cutting and engraving.

8. Decorative Signs

Decorative Signs
There are many uses for cutting shapes out of wood or metal. What about words? Make your own “Home Sweet Home” sign in the font of your choice, or any other message you wish to convey to family and visitors to make them welcome.

9. Paper Art

Paper Art
Paper can be cut with a laser rather easily. So, instead of paying loads of cash for artwork in various rooms of the house, why not create your own? Simply choose your colour of paper, and pick from among the countless existing designs.

10. Rubber Stamps

Personalized Rubber Stamp
If you are a letter writer, or the type that likes to send out an abundance of cards, why repeatedly write your return address? Instead of paying for a personalized rubber stamp, you can cut one yourself. Or, a better idea – cut more than one – use a plain font for business letters, and a more elegant script for personal mailings.


These are just ten of many possibilities that showcase the range of household options you have with your laser. Using laser cut panels to create a functional item, or one that is geared towards aesthetics is budget-saving, and fulfilling. The act of creation is an enjoyable activity, and having self-made finished products filling their intended purposes undoubtedly will bring satisfaction.


  1. I totally agree with you that landscape screens are definitely eye-catching. It is important to understand that doing some research can help you know how to get the laser cutting that you want from your design. I can see how anyone looking into this would also want to take the time to check with a professional to make sure they have all the equipment required for accurate laser cutting.

  2. Thanks for the laser ideas for a home. I appreciate that you mentioned that making engravings using a laser cutter can really take them to the next level. My husband and I are thinking about looking into laser cutting service because we think it would be a cool and unique way to add some personality to our home. We’ll have to look into different engravings we could have done.

  3. It’s awesome that you can use laser cutting to make landscape screens to improve the look of your home. My brother is hosting a dinner party in a few weeks, and he wants to get some new decor to impress his guests. I’ll share this with him so that he can look further into his options for laser cutting services that can help him.

  4. It’s cool that laser-cut pillows can add a modern look to your home. My wife and I would like to redecorate our living room in the coming months, and these pillows seem like a great addition. We’ll be sure to look into our options for getting some other laser cut items as well.


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