10 Locksmith Tools You Can Keep In Your Home


10 Essential Locksmith Tools

We use different types of locks for different reasons. And most of us have to face various lock problems in our day-to-day life. Sometimes it comes up very frequently. So it is necessary to have Slotenmaker Antwerpen tools in your house. Or at least know what important locksmith tools are and how to use them. So you can help yourself in case of an emergency.

10 Essential Locksmith Tools

There are different purposes for locksmith tools. Some locksmith tools are for rekeying the lock or for merely setting up the lock. Other tools are for removing the broken key and also for picking the lock. Here we will discuss their appearance and how to use them properly.

  1. Tweezers:

Locksmith tweezers are grooved at the end. So they can pick up pins. Locksmith supply places sell them. They will work as an extension of your hands in narrow areas. You can control pins and small parts using this. Tweezers are needed for rekeying the lock to bring out the broken part of the key from the plug.

  1. Follower:

The follower is important for rekeying the lock. It is used to keep the pins in their place while doing other jobs. You will generally find the follower’s set in locksmith shops. 4 followers come in in a set. They are kept inserted one into another. These works for most of the locks. The ends of the cylinders are designed differently to fit different types of locks.

  1. End Cap Removal Tool:

It helps to take off the end cap on the end of many deadbolts.

  1. Jigglers:

They are also known as try-out keys. These are used for pin tumbler locks.

  1. Key Gauge:

Key gauges are needed to make keys or change the pins. Different companies have different standards. Generally, a key gauge has most of the famous company’s critical measures for pins and 4 scales.

  1. Shims:

A thin and tapered metal piece is called a shim. A shim moves along the shear line and inserts the driver pins into their grooves. This helps to disassemble the lock.

  1. Lock Pick Set:

Lock pick set is a must-have tool for a locksmith. Most lock pick sets include 9 types of the pick, but all of them are not important. You will need three of them always while doing lock picking. They are diamond pick, hook pick, and rake. Make sure that these 3 items are included must in the lock pick set you are buying.

Usually, there are 3 half-diamond picks and 1 full diamond pick in each set. In half-diamond picks, there is a little triangular-shaped half-diamond part at the bottom. That area is generally 2.5 to 12 mm long. And the angles also vary depending on the necessity. This kit is used for raking and picking the lock.

Hook pick has a thin bent pin-shaped tip at the bottom. It is also known as a feeler or finger—this tool used by all professional lock-workers uses this tool for picking the lock and opening it. Different shapes and sizes are available. Some used types are straight hook, angle hook, 90° angle hook, and full hook.

Ball picks are similar to diamond picks. Except that ball picks have half circled or full circled tip. It is mostly used for wafer locks.

Rake pick is another necessary piece of equipment. It has a zigzagged tip. Two mostly used types are snake take and saw rake. These are made to meet the different heights of pins and to open the lock.

And you will also need a flexible tension wrench. Locksmiths use tension wrench to apply torque. While picking pins, torque is applied to the plug to keep picked pins in their place. And later, the torque is applied to turn the plug and open the lock finally.

While buying one lock pick set, watch for stainless steel-made ones.

  1. Bump Key:

A typical bump key is cut to the lowest groove, and all the peaks are of the same height. The key is inserted and used to apply torque. Then this is struck by a hard thing, so there is a blow of vibration. This vibration only moves the driver pins at the right height. And there, a slight gap is created to rotate the plug inside the key cylinder. As it is needed to make this process work, it is called a bump key.

  1. Pick Gun:

Eli Epstein invents it. This can be said in the mechanical version of bump keys. This machine is used to make a sudden vibration inside the keyhole. As a result, the driver pins jump for a little moment, and the plug turns.

  1. Decoder:

The decoder is used to pick locks. It’ notches height can be changed according to the need. Could you insert it into the plug? Then adapt the height of the notches from the handle. And open the key. It can be used for making a new key only from the lock.

Let’s Be A Pro

Now you know the important locksmith tools. Let’s buy them and keep them to yourself.

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