10 Most Famous Interior Designers To Watch In 2022


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At the start of 2022, we anticipated a torrent of new design ideas. Bold colors, textures, unusual materials, and broad trends emerged in 2021. The epidemic has given new meaning to the notion of home and how we interact with our surroundings. The new norm has pushed us to adjust our routines, and as a result, cultural shifts occurred.

Styles change, technologies progress, and difficulties drive architecture and design. The interior designers listed below represent a community of trailblazers. They are innovators expected to be inventive, intellectual, and inspiring in 2022.  These individuals are recognized by The International Design Awards (IDA), created to honor, celebrate and promote exceptional interior design visionaries and to find emerging talent around the world.

Wazo Furniture presents to you the ten most famous interior designers to watch in 2022. Get inspired by these people and learn more about their work.

  1. Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk grew up in Missouri, Texas. He had the opportunity to develop an interest in a beautiful design from an early age. Bobby accumulated creative skills before starting his own business. This was fueled by his creative enthusiasm. His distinctive style has evolved to express, above all, modern and hip-hop culture.

Nonetheless, urban luxury designs maintain a vibrant energy ideal for any lifestyle. Bobby has been a full-service interior designer since 2015. He has worked with many residential, commercial, and hospitality clients.

  1. Michelle Boudreau

Michelle Boudreau’s artistic flair has been honed via worldwide travel. She has worked in the design profession for the last 20 years. Michelle has gathered expertise from various places. She has worked with interior designers in London and Los Angeles. Similar to the furniture designs  Wazo Furniture carries, her distinctive style reflects a mix of modern, classic, and creative ideas. Her works leave a strong cultural impact. Michelle’s design also speaks with the observer. It presents a visual tale of personality and character.

Michelle likes learning about various cultures and researching folklore. Travel impressions and social activities are converted into one-of-a-kind, energetic interiors.

  1. Deniot, Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Deniot has been featured in the AD 100 lists of the top interior designers in the world. He has always been interested in creating unique atmospheres. Jean-Louis fosters a sense of enchantment and spontaneity. He is most known for his diverse and iconic interiors. But, he also deals with a broad range of repertoires. Jean-Louis incorporates a large dosage of history and allusions into his work. This aspect creates a timeless yet contemporary environment.

  1. Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus began his interior design business when he was 24 years old. Meanwhile, his design work and home collections have won several honors. His experience extends beyond the inner realm of interior design. Nate’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest. Just like Wazo Furniture, his design is focused on the consumer. Nate’s goal is to create unique and distinct living spaces.

  1. Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto is an inescapable player in interior design. He creates his works by merging and mingling genders. Alberto draws his inspirations from different cultural experiences from his early upbringing.

Alberto Pinto Interior design caters to the many preferences of its multinational customers. He adjusts his decorations to each of their demands. Besides, he balances the grandeur with elegance. Classic or modern, intimate or massive, the theme of his work leaves something to be admired by all.

  1. Emily Henderson

Emily is one of the most well-known interior designers and decorators globally. She is also a TV presenter and a blogger. Emily was born and raised in rural Oregon but spent decades in New York and, subsequently, Los Angeles. Emily’s design aesthetic is lively and joyful. They are characterized by quirky accessories and bright hues. Her motivation resonates with that of Wazo Furniture that any home can be beautiful regardless of budget. Moreover, the living space should reflect the owner’s personality.

  1. Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is a well-known fashion designer. He has won numerous awards in the industry. Kelly is renowned for designing multi-faceted, immersive living, commercial, and hospitality spaces. She is also the mind behind extensive collections of lifestyle product designs. Brilliantly, she combines shapes and colors. The fusions of contemporary and vintage themes create her designs. Her sophisticated, eclectic style transforms space into experiences. Above all, Kelly’s designs are intelligent and intuitive.

  1. Summer Emily

Her magnificent yet simple interiors have gained a reputation in the industry. Summer designs have also garnered the admiration of the top architects, including Antoine. Her ongoing experimentation with new materials continues to arouse interest. As a result, unusual textures define summers’ deep modern design. For instance, a soft wool rug at the base of a panel-formed concrete wall creates a beautiful texture.

  1. Gaines Joanna

Magnolia co-founder, Joanna Gaines, is also a co-star on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. This Kansas native earned a communications degree from Baylor University. But during an internship in New York, she discovered her real calling. What began as a personal interest has grown into a thriving interior design business? Joanna’s trademark style expresses her fondness for more straightforward designs. She advocates a conventional way of living. Her style idea has become popular amongst recent interior design trends.

  1. India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi was born in Germany and raised in France. She had a brief study stint in New York before settling in Paris. India founded her studio in 2000. Since then, her journey has continued to be featured in galleries, shops, and showrooms such as Wazo Furniture. Her designs are known for their unusual embellishments.

Moreover, powerful accents, although characterized by simple hues. India’s distinctive design style features modern aspects. But has an eclectic touch that combines Eastern and Western inspirations.


The road to becoming a well-known interior designer is rarely a straight one. Often, there is no guarantee of success. To top the list of famous interior designers entails years of hard work—moreover, creativity, testing, and creating connections with consumers. Most importantly, providing designs that push the edge is required.

This year, the most well-known interior designers have had a wide range of careers. However, their ascension to fame is underlined by creating exceptional environments. Wazo Furniture is lucky to work with some of the most talented interior designers in the world. Also, we enjoy watching emerging designers grow to prominence.

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