10 Must-Have Items for Your Home Office


When creating a home office space, not only do you want to have a productive space, but you also one that inspires you; that separates your office from home and yet doesn’t feel so disconnected that you don’t have any desire to enter the space.

Here to help you create that inspired space is our list of home office ideas. Whether you have a tiny area to work with or a large one, any of these ideas will help to give you a modern home office space that will allow you to get your work done.

  1. Storage For Papers

Storage For Papers

As someone quite familiar with working from home, I’m always looking for home office ideas to help me stay organized and keep all my papers in one place. It may be a simple sticky note, a printed document, or a collection of receipts that you want to stay organized, but they are all equally important to your work.

A filing cabinet is a great way to go when wanting to keep all your loose papers in one place. Not only will it store them, but they can easily be organized. Depending on how many documents you need to organize will help you decide on the size of the filing cabinet. Try color-coding your files to help you find them more comfortable.

  1. Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting

Working at home, especially if you are working in a room that doesn’t have a window, can affect the light of space and even your mood. It can be quite depressing if you are dependent on a small, yellowish glow from a poorly lit lamp.

Pick a space that has a lot of natural light, if possible, to provide a bright and productive work environment. If that isn’t possible, be sure to pick a lamp or two that gives off a sunny and warm glow into your home office.

  1. Ergonomic Desk And Chair Designs

Ergonomic Desk And Chair Designs

Another modern home office idea is making sure that you have a desk that you can sit at and adequately be able to reach the computer. Consider getting a height-adjustable desk, so you’re ready to choose when you want to sit or stand.

The same rings true for the chair that you choose to use in your home office. It must meet the ergonomic needs of the individual who sits there, one that allows for an efficient and comfortable design.

Keep in mind that just because your home office resides in the same space as your kitchen does not mean that you need to use a kitchen chair at your desk. A chair that is built for long periods of sitting, one that can also adjust to your needs will go a long way into ensuring that your home office is comfortable.

  1. High-Speed Wi-Fi

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to have internet in your home; it’s essential to have fast Wi-Fi that won’t slow down your productivity. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize how much you rely on it until you don’t have for a day, so be sure to have a backup plan, like going to a café or library if you somehow lose internet access.

  1. Surge Protector

Surge Protector

It is something that many people, including yours honestly, never really think. If you have spent money on a smart computer system and software (and have all of your essential documents on your computer!), you don’t want to lose everything or have to replace it all just because there was a power surge.

  1. Backup Your Files

Backup Your Files

Moving forward with our last tip, it is always a good idea to have a way to backup your work. There are a few ways you may choose to do this, but general tips include using a thumb or flash drive, a bootable backup, external backup drive, or even backing up using the Cloud. In the case of theft, a natural disaster, or other unfortunate events, you’ll want to have all your data backed up, so you don’t lose anything.

  1. All-In-One

All-In-One Computer

Often, many people will think they only need a printer, but then along comes a client who wants to fax something over to you or requires a copy of a document that you can’t scan, and they live halfway across the globe and need it right at that moment.

An all-in-one printer allows you to print and scan documents, receive a fax, and will save you the hassle of trying to find a place near you that is open late on a Monday night. With all the amazing gadgets out there, you won’t have to get one of each separately; it is a great small home office idea.

  1. Get A Shredder For Important Documents

Shredder For Important Documents

If you are dealing with essential documents where sensitive and confidential ideas are shared, a shredder is recommended. A shredder will allow you to get rid of all documents that fall into this category in a natural way, and not have to worry about that information floating around.

  1. Choose The Right Computer

Choose The Right Computer

There are so many computers out there that it can feel overwhelming to know what kind you need. Research the best types of laptops and computers and decide which one is worth the investment.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Home Office Greenery

I just wanted to touch a bit upon the idea of home office décor; while how you decorate your office is entirely up to you, I would like to suggest having a plant or two in your office space. Not only can they be used as a divider in the case that you share a space, but they also offer their purifying properties to the person who shares a space with them.

Making your home office space one that is efficient, productive, and that inspires you to work are all key to making working from home an attainable reality.

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