10 Of The Best Landscaping Plants For Snowy States


Best Landscaping Plants

If you love gardening, you know how hard it can be to choose the right plants and continue doing landscape maintenance during the winter months. You might even miss gardening in the winter because you feel like you can’t go out and plant new things during the harsh cold months.

There are actually quite a few plants that are perfect for the wintertime. They look great all winter long and even in the hotter months as well. You just have to make sure you plant them before the ice and chill sets in while the ground is still soft.

Check out the top best landscaping plants for the states that see a lot of snow in this guide.

  1. Blue Ice Bog Rosemary

The stunning blue and pink colors of this plant look beautiful in all seasons. As the winter months disappear, you’ll see the silver, blue, and pink colors start to peak out of the soil. You can also grow this plant in rock gardens which is a common landscaping technique in the northern parts of the country.

Just make sure the soil remains moist, and you will have an amazing-looking plant all year long. This plant is also known for bringing in quite a few birds.

  1. Weeping Norway Spruce

This one might be surprising to some gardeners because most weeping plants are known to lose their leaves as soon as the weather gets a little cold. The Weeping Norway Spruce withstands cold weather very well, though, and it can keep all its leaves when it’s snowing outside.

The plant also has an unusual shape that will make your garden unique and appealing. The rich green color stands out when the dreary colors of winter set in, which makes a perfect addition to your garden.

  1. Frosty Fire Dianthus

The best thing about this plant is that it looks amazing in pots or your regular garden soil. It can also be a wall-hanging plant, so no matter what, the Frosty Fire Dianthus can create a wide diversity in your garden.

During the winter, the plant offers nice gray-green foliage, and then when the warm winter months come around, the plant will burst with pink and purple flowers.

  1. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

This spruce can grow very well in Zones 2 through 8. They have stunning evergreen color and blue needles. The blue needles look good in the winter, but they look even better in the summer when the warm weather allows them to fully erupt.

Most people make a hedge of this spruce so that their outdoor area is still surrounded by plenty of greenery even as the months get cold. You can also combine it with other varieties of spruces if you want more diversity and more colors.

  1. Snowdrops

This bulb plant does very well in cold and modern winters. It’s recommended you plant them in the fall before it gets too cold, and then they will be in full bloom by the time the winter comes around.

Once the cold months come, the flowers will go dormant, so make sure you enjoy them as much as you can before the weather begins to warm up.

  1. Christmas Rose

Even though it has the name Christmas in it, you can enjoy it in all cold months, not just December. However, they look especially beautiful around the holidays when surrounded by other common Christmas plants and plants that have a pop of red.

The best thing about the Christmas Rose is that it grows well in snow and is pest resistant. Make sure you give it a shady place to grow, and you’ll soon see the stunning white flowers popping up.

  1. Pink Pussy Toes

Pink Pussy Toes can grow in Zones 2 to 9. They have small leaves that are gray and silver. You can plant them before the winter comes, and then you’ll see the beautiful leaves start coming out in the cold months. Once the spring months come around, the pink flowers will also begin to bloom.

Once the flowers have bloomed, you hardly have to water it, which makes it a very easy plant to take care of. You can enjoy the way the fuzzy pink flowers pop out without having to worry about constant watering and maintenance.

  1. Siberian Carpet Cypress

If you want more evergreens in your garden this winter, make sure to plant plenty of Siberian Carpet Cypress. The shrubs are short, so they provide a nice hedge if you want to make a barrier around your garden or outdoor area.

The shrubs are colorful all year round, including becoming a purple color during the winter months. They then become a bright green color once the sun comes out in the spring.

  1. Tiny Buttons Stonecrop

This is a type of evergreen succulent that can thrive all year round. Small white flowers come from the plant, which looks nice in the cold and warm months. The flowers bring in a lot of butterflies in the summer that you can sit and look at once it’s warm enough to sit outside again.

The foliage is usually a green and blue color, but they also become a red color in the winter months. They are easy to take care of all year, and the short height makes them perfect to plant anywhere you want.

  1. Wintergold Mugo Pine

Usually a green color, this pine plant becomes gold when the weather turns colder. They are resistant to many plants and deer, so you don’t have to worry about wildlife eating them. They grow well in every season and can live well in Zones 2 through 9.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to take your garden to the next level this winter, consider planting some of the options on this list, as they are easy to care for and survive well in the winter. They also offer beautiful colors in the spring and summer, so you can make a garden to enjoy all year round.

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