10 Plumbing Fixes Everyone Should Know How To Perform!


Plumbing difficulties are the hidden story for every home. There could be wrongdoing here and there. But spending so much behind a professional could never be a solution. Most importantly, if you just knew about the secrets to keep it proper, you could save a lot of dollars and even the time to wait till a professional arrives. If you are stuck on how to get the plumbing fixes done, here is the best plumbing DIY guide by Gem Plumbing on the 10 Plumbing Fixes Everyone Should Know How to Perform!

  1. How Do I Shut The Valves?

Shut The Valves

When you move into a new home or a new place, you must first think about where the water lines and valves are present. Leaks may happen at any time, and then the first thing to reach would be to shut off the valves. If you spot any water flow pipe, there should be a shut-off valve along with this. However, you will also have to find the main shut-off valve along with the drain. If your house is constructed without your knowledge, it may be just outside the home as well. It would be best if you found this out, and then you can know the procedure to turn it off and then turn it on again. You may have to clean out the drain pipes at regular intervals, and this is where shutting down the valves will help the most.

  1. Stop The Water Heater From Leaking

Stop The Water Heater From Leaking

A water heater leak maybe because by several reasons. There may be a fault in the valve, or it may be because of the dirt formation. But when it leaks, there are two important parts for a water heater are the temperature and pressure release valve along with the mineral deposits. If you are willing to use it clean and useful, you need to complete a diagnosis about the temperature and pressure release valve. If you see there is a leak, you may have to replace the product and then use it. If the pressure valve looks clean, prepare for a complete flush to the system. To know more about how to flush your water heater, you can check these water heater flush kits.

  1. Pipes Must Be Intact

Intact Pipes

Having a go at the pipes can be an everyday task. You may need to drill out the pipes to attach the hose or to put a nail to the wall. But before you do so, you must have a clear idea about where the pipeline is present and what is the depth from the wall. Make sure that there are no pipes present in the work area. If you are unsure about them, be very delicate as even the slightest of pressure can puncture them. If budget is not a big concern for you, you can hire or rent an endoscopic camera that will detect what’s behind the walls.

  1. Unclogging The Toilet

Unclogging The Toilet

If you are facing a clogged toilet, it’s mainly because of the dirt that is still stuck and not moving away. But it’s never a problem to get rid of this clogged situation. If you know what to apply, you can get it set running in a few minutes. You can take the help of a plunge to pull out the clogged item. It just requires a handy plunge so that you can put it in and break down the bigger particles. You can also use toilet snakes that will bend down to the pipe and break the small particles to get the best results out.

  1. Avoid The Garbage

Avoid The Garbage

A lot of people do often throw down wasted food and smaller items down the sink. They believe this is the best way to flow out the garbage from home. However, this is not the way. Even if they are small enough to sneak through the drain hose, it could get clogged down below. You may start facing problems almost immediately after this because it will begin to flood out. If the flow gets obstructed, it will cause an overflow. Always try to understand that the drain hose is not for throwing out the garbage and then ending up damaging your home.

  1. Use The Vacuum

Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A lot of problems can be solved with vacuums. But you need to understand that purchasing any regular vacuum would not do the job for you. There are, of course, multiple models that pull out the liquid, but you may need a device that brings out both solid and liquid from the drain or the hose. The drain could be filled with various garbage materials like small hairs and even plastics. But using a vacuum will make it clean and would be right for you to use. Try to take the help of such vacuums to go further. Make sure the hose of the vacuum is long enough to go deep down the pipe.

  1. Consider The Leaks

Never Ignore The Leaks

Never ignore the leaks coming from the pipe or valves. If there is a continuous drip of water, it is evident that there is a leak. If you keep ignoring this, there would be a big problem at any time. There may be water outbursts that will flood the floor and will damage the entire house. If you do not want such a problem, always try to take care of the leaks that are coming up. Make sure that you are using leak protection materials that will block the leaks and keep it safe for your use.

  1. Never Over-Tighten Fittings

Never Over-Tighten Fittings

Keeping the fittings nice and tidy is an excellent way of maintaining the plumbing of your home. However, keeping them loose will cause trouble. If the fittings are loose, they may come out and cause multiple problems for you. It is even not good to keep the fittings too tight for your use. If you are keeping them tight, you are increasing the pressure for the heater. This will create multiple problems as the hose, and the fittings may even burst out. Try to keep it normal, and you will have a good run with the fittings.

  1. Always Use The Plumber’s Tape

Plumber's Tape

The Plumber’s Tape can be a handy device for you when you need the support of this device. It allows you to get a complete relief on temporary leaks within the house. Try to keep at least one tape closer to you to stop the outflow of the water that may damage your home.

  1. Which Products To Use

Bathtub Cleaning

One of the biggest things that you need to consider is which products you will use when it comes to cleaning. Of course, using acid-based products for every location will do no good/ your bathtub could be damaged completely. Instead, taking the help of a specified cleaning tool could be helpful.

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