10 Sewing Tips And Tricks That You Will Love


Sewing is an essential skill that everyone should learn, at least the basics of sewing. Going to a dressmaker for small things like sewing small torn parts of your dress or attaching buttons is troublesome, so it is better to learn the simple sewing hacks.

Once you can learn simple sewing steps, you can do the complicated sewing yourself. For too many people, sewing is difficult because of not knowing some simple yet effective sewing tips and tricks. Once you can learn simple sewing steps, you can do the complicated sewing by yourself with free embroidery designs. Too many people, sewing is difficult because of not knowing some simple yet effective sewing tips and tricks.

Generally, it takes a long time to learn these tricks on your own. After practicing sewing for a long time, you will be able to know some tricks. To make your sewing journey comfortable and enjoyable, here we have combined 10 Sewing Tips and Tricks That You Will Love

10 Easy And Effective Sewing Hacks

10 Easy and Effective Sewing Hacks

1.      Sewing Pins Organizing Hacks

Since sewing pins are very small, they can be lost quickly, which is a matter of worry. They can hurt your feet, or if you have little kids, they can swallow up it. So, it is essential to organize your sewing pins in a safe place.

You can keep them inside a small box or in a shallow bowl or saucer. A popular technique is to keep a hot glue magnet on the bottom of the bowl or dish so that the pins stay attached to it quickly.

If you have lost your sewing pin, you can search this easily by using a magnet. Another thing about which you must take care of is to keep the storing place of your sewing pins dry because moisture may make them rusty.

2.      Thread Tangling Prevention Hack

 Though today most people use a sewing machine to sew, performing each sewing step using a sewing machine becomes hard. In such cases, we need to come back to the traditional hand sewing.

Thread tangling is a widespread phenomenon that happens during hand sewing. Tangling is annoying that decelerates your sewing speed.

You can easily prevent this phenomenon by using beeswax. If you coat the thread with beeswax, it will not get tangled during hand sewing. Also, do not worry about the quality of your thread. Beeswax does not deteriorate the quality of your thread. Rather it will strengthen your thread.

3.      Fabric Pre-treating Hack

Maybe you are acquainted with the phenomenon of tightening a dress after washing. It makes the dress uncomfortable to wear, and you have to work on the dress again. You can avoid this by pre-treating the fabric before sewing it.

If you wash the fabric before starting the sewing operation, you can take the correct measurement, and you do not have to double work.

4.      Quick Needle Threading Hack

Since the hole of the needle is tiny, having difficulty to thread the needle is very common, especially the pesky fraying problem is very annoying and makes the threading process difficult. But, nothing is difficult for the hacker. If you know the right hack, every work will become smooth and quick.

If you spray hairspray on the tip of your thread, it will be stiffened, and it will easily slip right into the tiny hole of the needle.

5.      Pins and Needle Sharping Hack

Becoming the pins and needles dull is a widespread phenomenon, but it is not economical to buy a new one every time it becomes dull. You can keep your needles and pins sharp for a long time by following a simple but useful tip.

Keeping needles and pins in steel wool can help you to keep these items sharp and shiny for a long time. The steel wool will work as a pincushion. You can keep protect it from moisture by adding some rice since rice can absorb moisture.

6.      Organize The Bobbins Systematically

We generally need to keep more than one bobbin for different colored threads. Organizing these small bobbins and keeping them neat and clean is quite challenging. Since they are small in size, they can be lost at any time, and you will not find the bobbin you need at the time of sewing.

A toe separator can help you to keep organized your bobbins with different colored threads systematically. You can purchase a toe separator from any Dollar Store by spending only a dollar or less. It will save your time and keep your thread neat and clean.

7.      Fabric Gathering Hack

Keeping the cut part of the fabric in line to sew them to make a dress like a skirt is a challenging task. But, it becomes more comfortable if you use crochet thread. If you are sewing using s sewing machine, you can gather fabric easily by stitching in a zigzag pattern.

8.      Making Button Hole At The Right Position

Making a buttonhole in the right position is a tough task. It is very frustrating when you find that you have made the buttonhole right up from the perfect place after completing the project.

You can avoid such kind of frustration by fixing the position of the buttonhole. You can easily do it by pinning the location of the buttonhole.

9.      Marking Seam Allowance

Since many patterns do not include seam allowance, you can do it by yourself with the aid of a rubber and three pencils. Tie all the three pencils with rubber bands and draw the line pattern and seam allowance line simultaneously. In this technique, you can make a uniform space between lines.

10. Crisp Corner Turning Hack

It is not so easy to make a crisp corner if you are not a sewing expert. But, hacks make everyone an expert. You can make a crisp edge by pressing and stitching the seam allowance. In this way, you can make perfectly straight collars.


To me, sewing is like a hobby; it is my favorite pastime. People like me who love to wear unique dresses they do not have any option but to learn sewing.

These ten easy and useful sewing tips and tricks can make your sewing journey enjoyable. There are so many tips and tricks for sewing, but these ten are so essential that you need to follow these tricks.

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