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In case you’re worried about pests damaging your household, learn how to recognize standard signs of different pest infestations. Some of these signs may seem too obvious, while others are hard to notice even for a trained eye.

In the list below, you’ll find ten standard signs of pest infestation that you must watch out for.

  1. Grime And Dirt Buildup

Usually, when you’re dealing with pest infestations, you’ll come across a buildup of grime on various parts of your house, including your walls. If you notice any dirty or greasy looking smudges, it’s a sign that you’re probably infested by rodents that are rubbing their bodies against your furniture and walls.

Other important signs you should watch out for are if your home seems dirtier than usual. This could mean you have some uninvited guests. When you notice crumbs of food left in the corners of the room or on the floor or tiny pieces of paper scattered on your counters, think about hiring professionals that will help you get rid of these nasty pests.

  1. Pest Poo

Another prevalent issue that people don’t often notice is pest poo collection within their homes. It’s a normal thing that occurs if your home has been infested. Take a good look around, and check all areas of your home in which pests are most likely to hang out. This could be the basement, the attic, the area behind your water heater, and other crawl spaces. Should you see any pest poo, you’re undoubtedly having a pest problem.

You may even be able to differentiate the poo by its size and shape, which will help you determine the kind of pests that have invaded your home. Insect droppings are pretty small, while rodent poo is spindly and conical in shape, and significantly larger.

  1. Damaged Fabric

If you’ve noticed any damage to the items made of fabric within your home, you’re most probably having a pest problem. These damages may include scratch marks or holes in the furniture or even stains on your clothes.

Whether you’re dealing with insects or rodents, if you don’t take action, they will continue damaging your belongings as long as you let them. Hiring a professional may be the only way to keep your home and personal items from being ruined permanently. They are located across the country, so do yourself a favor and hire an Idaho Falls company to do your pest control to help you get rid of these nasty tenants.

  1. Gnaw Marks And Puncture Holes

Locating damages in fabrics within your home is one thing, but there are other types of damage you may notice as well. If you notice holes in the walls and floors or scratch marks made by small claws, you’ll know you have yourself a rodent infestation problem. Moreover, you may notice gnaw marks all over cardboard boxes inside your storage or pantry. Finding electrical wires all chewed up is yet another sign of rodent infestation since these pests adore chewing on anything they can find.

  1. Strange Odors

If pests infest your home, you’ll most likely discover strange odors around your home as well. The smells you notice will resemble stale or rotten food. This frequently happens because pests carry food around, and these little bits and pieces of food are left behind to rot.

However, the rotten food smell isn’t the only nasty scent you’ll come across. You’ll also notice other odors coming from urine and poo. Moreover, if pests die within your walls or in any other part of your home, you won’t be able to ignore this rotting and incredibly unpleasant smell. Look around your home carefully—if you find rotting or moldy food pieces, you can follow the trail to determine if pests are nesting within your home.

  1. Signs Of Nesting

If you believe you might have a pest infestation problem, watch out for any signs of nesting. Rodents are known for building nests in any area of your home where they feel most comfortable. They can build their nests out of anything, including fabric scraps, leaves, shredded paper, or even grass clippings.

The most common places and areas where rodents tend to nest are hidden areas like spaces between the walls or below your floor. Because they are dark and quiet, basements or attics are also spots where these creatures like to build their homes.

  1. Strange Noises And Other Sounds

Hearing strange noises coming from inside your home at night, or even during the day, is an incredibly creepy experience. In most cases, it’s not a burglar you have to worry about—at least not the humankind. There’s a good possibility something broke into your home with the idea of gnawing through your furniture, leaving feces all over your house, and nesting in quiet spaces. These things are often considered much more devious than a regular burglar.

Peculiar sounds like whining, scuttling, or scratching indicate that something else besides your family is sharing the comfort of your home with you. These noises usually come from the attic, basement, or even from the walls. It could also be vermin that you are running around your house, doing their best to get inside.

  1. Items Found Out Of Their Ordinary Place

Pest Problem

Rodents tend to “borrow” various objects from your home that they deem interesting. Mice or rats may “steal” pieces of fabric or even gnaw into your furniture while tearing the stuffing out in the process. Noticing that some items are missing from your home is a sign that there might be some intruders living alongside your family. If that’s the case, you’ll most likely find all missing items safely tucked away in a rat’s nest.

  1. Unexplained Plant Damages

Pests won’t only cause damage to your home and furniture. They also tend to cause severe damage to your garden and plants as well. The first signs include gnawing or chewing marks on leaves and entire plants. Mice and rats will leave trails or burrows behind in the grass, another sign of a pest infestation.

  1. Insects Tend To Leave Body Parts Behind

Although rodents tend to leave their hair and poo as clues, insects might seem more disgusting since they can leave their body parts. If insects have infested your home, you may notice things like wings, discarded skin, or even limbs around your home.

Final Thoughts

Having your home infested by either insects or rodents is no fun. However, it’s vital to recognize infestation signs so you can act accordingly and on time. You might have an infestation going on if you notice strange sounds, smells, or rodent droppings. In that case, do yourself a favor and call professional exterminators to help you get your home back.

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