10 Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Bathroom


Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathrooms is a task easier said than done. Not that it is an impossible or challenging task; however, there are certain factors related to bathroom renovation that decide how interesting or challenging the job turns out to be. According to the bathroom remodeling trends in 2019, full bathroom remodeling can be a tricky task to do yourself. DIY crafts are something that belongs to YouTube. Then how does a layman in bathroom remodeling makes sure he does an excellent job with the costs cut down to the minimum? Here is a checklist that you may want to go through if you have no knowledge about bathroom remodeling and yet have the chore coming up soon enough.

  1. Planning is the first step to be taken when thinking about any task, including bathroom remodeling. It gives you an idea of what you want and will cut down the cost. That would otherwise be due because of multiple contractors in case of the absence of a plan. It is mixing up different ideas that result in overlapping of the balance of contractors, which, of course, has a considerable impact on your wallet. Also, it gives you a somewhat accurate idea about the total time the bathroom will be ready for use.
  2. Preliminary research is significant if you’re looking at having a lesser load on the budget. It gives you an idea of the different bathrooms and units required and how well they go together. A dull white washroom would have an easy to decide unit list. But if you’re looking for better styles like the fresh traditional bathroom or shelf storage in it, you would need many units that go well together. Which would be a trickier task without having an insight into what it is.
  3. Consider Style and Design ahead of time if you desire a single handle faucet or a double handle faucet, a bathtub. If space is available, drawers and shelf designs that go with bathroom flooring and units. Considering how much light you require, you can opt for a lighting plan that meets your requirements. Waterfall showers or walk-in showers are all best carried out if they are planned for before time, saving many costs on additional purchases made to test ideas.
  4. Consider a Budget every time you plan to make renovations. Considering a budget allows you to choose from the available options to find the best for your need. It also cuts off additional costs again that arise in the absence of a plan. Having a project contributes to making a budget as you have a clear vision of what you desire and whether you can afford it in the first place.
  5. Design or Sketch. By doing so, allow yourself to understand better how your bathroom will look after a complete renovation. Any changes you deem necessary can be made without loss of budget and time. Drawing on real-time measurements lets you know how much space you’re going to take up with your units. And whether the space left out is desirable by your needs or not. It gives you unlimited leniency in changing your plan and design, which is an impossible task later on or either very costly.
  6. Educate Yourself with the current trends and, more importantly, with the products. You are learning about products and their different types, their names, and utility in design. There are numerous aspects you can research a product about according to your own needs. Acquaint yourself with the big manufacturers like TOTO and ROCA. Not necessarily getting their products, but by following a pioneer in the field like them. You get an excellent idea about the trends in style and design today in the market. You may as well end up getting high-end products individually if you find them fit your needs.
  7. Making Ground Rules is as essential as any of the other points. It is the discipline of labor when setting up your bathroom during a renovation. The cars are to be parked, the trash place, and the usual way to use it during work. It would help if you guided your laborers about setting up the air seal to stop the work interrupting your house’s air.
  8. Unexpected Costs are what you should always keep in mind. These are the additional costs that can occur, e.g., because of weak flooring support. Generally, 10%-20% of the budget should always be kept aside for the unexpected price so that they do not affect your final budget.
  9. Woodwork is an important point as well. Some people prefer a wooden floor and wider bathroom shelves and drawers. Having them in a good quality wood not only increases the life of your investment but also adds an elegant look to your bathroom.
  10. Final Decoration is where we come to a stop. Once all the bathroom is set up and complete, it is the time for you to set up your bathroom with the designs of your choice. Having some plants near the window and additional foot mats will always freshen the look of your bathroom.
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