10 Things You Could Do To Make Your Condo Bigger: Ultimate Space Hacks


Make Your Condo Bigger

As more people prioritize location over square-footage, mastering a small space’s needs and requirements is a must. You need to know just what to do when you’re given a small space to work around with.

You need not be overwhelmed as we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’d share with you ten of the ultimate space-saving hacks and tips that you can apply to make your condo look bigger and better.

It would be effortless to utilize all the space you didn’t know you had with these tips. Upon applying all these tips, you won’t even feel that your space is lacking in size. So please sit back, relax, and take note of our ultimate space-saving tips.

  1. Smart Furniture

Make it a point to invest in dual-functional furniture. If you have a small space, never buy furniture that will only be used for one purpose. Your furniture should always be versatile and multi-functional. Not one should be stored or hidden as storage space is essential in small spaces. When buying light fixtures, make it a point that they also serve as perfect design elements to attribute to your space. Why buy a sofa when you can invest in a sofa bed that can be used when you have guests? Think dynamically and actively when planning for your space.

  1. Be like Marie Kondo

De-clutter! Only keep what is truly essential to your space. You don’t have to be Japanese like Marie Kondo to do this! You have to follow her tips: throw away anything that you no longer need. Does it spark joy? If it does, keep it. If it does not, thank it for everything and say goodbye. Minimalism should always be your guiding principle.

  1. Master Your Storage Needs

Small spaces lack storage. This is not a bad thing as it can be dealt with. It can easily be dealt with by proper planning. Take your time in deciding what furniture to use and design concepts to apply. Use furniture that also doubles as storage spaces. Be open to transforming any available space or furniture into a place for storage. Transform cabinets and pantries into becoming functional storage spaces.

  1. Have Themes

Things that don’t go together create clutter and make any space look smaller. Even big spaces can look small when random objects are all over the place. To create a bigger space, apply organization concepts, and utilize themes. Do this by putting similarly colored objects together. You can also do this to objects of the same height, like canned goods and bottles for oils and spices. Apply this to anything that you can group together and easily organize.

  1. Play With Your Eye

You may have a small space, but you can always do something with how your eye sees it. Make your eye see a bigger and more open space using light paint colors and airy design tones. Have an easy design theme that sets a defined path. Creating a defined place of focus creates a contrasting space that is bigger and more open.

  1. Move Walls

Do something with your walls. The more open your space is, the bigger it’s going to look. Don’t use walls if they are not necessary at all. Upon having your floor plan, devise ways to make your space bigger by moving or removing walls. Refrain from boxing and isolating areas as such design concepts can make a space look smaller and darker. Try to have an open kitchen that flows through your dining area and living room. Keeping no defined limits for every area will make your space look and feel bigger, open, and free.

  1. Integrate Rooms

Just as it applies to furniture, aim to make your room versatile and multi-functional as well. A living room can be turned into a guest room if it has a sofa-bed. A bathroom can be turned into a storage space if you place multi-functional furniture and design concepts. Be open to creativity and dynamic planning.

  1. Lighting Is Key

Spread the light. The brighter a place is, the bigger it would look and feel. Aim to spread light all over the place. Have strategically placed windows that open up your space to natural lighting. Use light fixtures that feel airy. If you can opt for light fixtures that can move with you as you go to different areas in your home, do that. Aim for versatility and multi-functionality.

  1. Mirror On The Wall

This one is a classic. A small space hack guide will not be complete without mentioning mirrors. Mirrors are no.1 when it comes to making space look bigger. Apart from the fact that it reflects light and effectively tricks the eye, it also brightens a space and creates a more dynamic area. If you have walls, know that your space can go doubly bigger if you’d strategically place mirrors. For ultimate placement, pick an area where it can also easily reflect natural light.

  1. Know What You’re Doing

Do you even know what you’re doing? It would help if you were careful, precise, and accurate when planning for a small space. Make sure that you take your time to do this. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re certain that you need help, make it a point to hire an interior designer or a renovator. Design professionals would know everything that needs to be done without the extra hassle. Hiring experts would make your plans’ execution go faster and create far less trouble if you’d go solo and clueless. If you can hire professionals to help you, please do so. You can contact us if you’re planning to do a condo renovation Bangkok. Our in-house experts can guide you and help you every step of the way.

To apply our ultimate tips in creating the space of your dreams. All you need is patience, insight, and an extra pinch of creativity. Enjoy!

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