10 Unique Ways To Decorate A Wall


As a proud homeowner or tenant, you want your house to reflect your personality while offering an air of style and decorative flair. One way to achieve this is by accentuating one wall. Traditionally, this could have been accomplished by painting one wall a different colour than the rest of the room, but today, there are many ideas to choose when you want to create the perfect accent wall. Furthermore, you can choose any wall in your house to become an accent wall; even the stairway can become a focal point of interest when guests or family members go from one floor to the next.

  1. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

An inexpensive way to create interest is to turn a wall into a gallery of the family portrait. Using frames of varying sizes, you fill them with your favourite moments spent with your family. Displaying them in this fashion brings back memory but also serve as excellent conversations starters.

  1. Wall Paper Or Framed Wall Paper

Modern Wall Paper

It is still possible to create interest with wallpaper. The colours and scenery are varied and will add a visually pleasing look to a room. Framed wallpaper is a great way to add texture to a wall or create a fake headboard.

  1. Vintage Look

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage is always in style. You can use the trend to decorate one of your walls by displaying an amazing plate collection or installing a vintage sign found in a yard sale. Eclectic, older items add charm and warmth to a modern room.

  1. Hanging Things

Hanging Things

A neat way to enhance a bare wall is to hang things on it. From your grandmother’s quilt or the oriental rug that you purchased on a trip, anything can become a centrepiece on your wall. Depending on what you like to collect, it is also possible to display your collection by hanging it on the wall. Baskets montages or hat expositions are quite popular and help you with storage.

  1. Corkboard

Corkboard On Study Table

Panelling your wall with a corkboard is an excellent way to ensure you always have a renewed decoration piece. On it, you can display maps, pictures or even to-do lists if this is what you want. This modern accentuated wall helps you keep organised and offers a different point of focus for your guests.

  1. Wall Decals

Moroccan Wall Decals

Easy to find and inexpensive, wall decals allow you to add that little something to a wall without going overboard. You can choose an inspirational quote or a famous phrase you like. Another option is to select nature-inspired decals like flowers or butterflies. Regardless of what you select, it is an easy solution that can be replaced in no time when you tire of it.

  1. Washi Tape Patterns

Washi Tape Design

If painting wallpaper or more permanent accents are not permitted where you live, you can create interesting designs with washi tape. Different colours and widths allow you to line your walls in an original and unique fashion that will enhance the look of any room.

  1. Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Whether you are an artist or have a favourite one you like to collect, it is fashionable to display all pieces on one wall. You can select different frames and different paintings to display in a pattern style of random arrangement. Each piece will become a subject of conversation. If you are not into famous painters, your children work can be beautifully displayed on this wall.

  1. Giant Letters

Giant Letters

If you like sobriety and simplicity, you can still enhance one wall by displaying giant letters such as your initials. Depending on the material the letters are made of and their colour, this can have an amazing effect on a bland wall.

  1. Wainscoting Paneling

French Provincial Kitchen

Finally, custom joinery is a wonderful way to increase the appeal of a wall and make it practical at the same time.

When it comes to decoration, there are many ways to make your house warm and inviting; creating an accent wall is certainly one of them.

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