10 Unique Ways To Store Your Garden Hose – Do It Like No One Else


Garden Hose

If you have a large garden, then you must have a large hose lying around too. While hoses are essential to look after your garden, they can be annoying to deal with.

Maybe the generic storage box doesn’t match your garden’s aesthetic enough, or maybe you want to cut expenses. Whatever the reason may be, you need help.

We’ve Got Your Back!

A hose might now become your garden’s best feature.

10 Unique Ways to Store Your Hose – Let Your Creativity Shine

We have collected 10 of the most unique and creative ways to sort your garden hose. Some of these are products available online, and others are DIYs that give your garden a more natural and personalized look.

  1. Coiled Hose Pipe

Coiled hoses are easy to deal with as they can self-retract and don’t take any space. A cheap and easy way to store one is by using a PVC pipe. You could do this with other objects as well, such as a wooden pole or any other kind of pipe for that matter.

The idea is elementary and inexpensive. All you have to do is get the pole to stick into the ground, make sure it remains firm in place, and then start sliding the hose’s coils on top of it.

This might not be the most eye-pleasing way, but you can change it by painting your PVC pipe to the ground color or a vibrant color in your garden to give it more of a natural look.

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  1. A Spare Tire Rim

The last thing you would think could go together are garden supplies and a rim. Surprisingly, they can come together to make a convenient invention. If you have a spare tire rim lying around, guess what, you’re in luck.

There’s not a lot needed for this one except the rim, and most of the things are to make the rim blend more into the garden. If you wish to, you can just hang the rim onto any wall in your garden and hang your hose, but we recommend adding a few touches.

You’re going to need a rim, of course, a wooden post, paints of your choice, a drill, a drill bit, and some screws. You can start by painting both your rim and the wooden post, then attach the rim to the post by drilling into the post and fitting it using bolts. Now all that’s left is to dig a bit and stick the post into the ground, and you have a DIY hose holder.

  1. Hose Butler

Hose butlers are a great option for people who are out for something small and delicate without compromising functionality.

Hose butlers can hold hoses of length approx. 200 feet long and look elegant at the same time. To put it simply, they make it look easy.

Similarly, they are surprisingly easy to install. All you have to do is firmly place them into the soil.

  1. Homemade Wooden Hose Hanger

Got some fence posts lying around your house? Well, here’s how you can make use of them. Even though there’s some work to do here, the wooden holder looks very plain and goes unnoticeable, blending into your garden’s landscape. The only thing that will be visible is a wooden post and a hanger.

The process here is a bit long, but it’s not difficult at all. Here are all the steps.

  • Dig a hole, hole diggers are optimal, but a shovel works fine too.
  • Add water to the bottom of the hole.
  • Add cement to the bottom.
  • Insert the wooden post into the wet cement
  • Allow cement to dry and post to set up.
  • Attach the hanger using a drill and screws

Now all that’s left to do is to hang your hose onto the hanger.

  1. Galvanized Hose Tub

Don’t want your hose to be seen lying around. The storage box for a hose is too expensive? Well, we have got you covered. A hinged galvanized trunk is an inexpensive and easy option. The tub could also be customized to have the hose slide right out.

We recommend you make some changes to make it more appealing, even though the tub looks like it’s just made for hoses. Firstly, you can paint the tub to match the look of your garden.

Secondly, we recommend drilling a hole at the bottom of the tub for sliding the hose in and out, adding that touch of creativity to it.

  1. Wooden Spools

Spools are a common residue of packaging for wires and cables, but spools are also a popular DIY tool and can make a Hose wrap. All you need are three spools and a drill.

Drill holes in a triangular shape, each one foot apart, and then bolt the three spools onto them. You can make some changes to personalize the look to match your garden, like painting them.

  1. Outdoor Planter Hose Box

Outdoor planters are a very common accessory in gardens, and now you can customize one into a hose holder. This not only helps as storage but also gives your garden a decorative look.

They do take some work to build, but it’s worth it. All you need are some wooden planks, a drill, and some screws. The box can be of any shape and size. You can even build some more just a décor.

  1. A Modern Hook For Hoses

Want a very minimalistic look to your garden. Well, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any simpler than a hook, and in no way it’s a negative point. The small size of the hook gives your garden an urban and modern look.

It’s also super easy to install. It has a single screw bracket but still can hold up hoses with no problem.

  1. Garden Hose Reel

If you are out for something stylish and easy to use, a garden hose reel is a great choice. It comes with a swivel and a knob that gives a full circle rotation. There are many variants of it too. For example, some come with a basket that you can use for storing garden tools, and some come with a shelf that can be used for more decorative purposes.

Hose reels can be placed inside too, and still look like they belong there. There are different types, but they usually have a four-screw bracket, which can easily be installed using a drill.

  1. A Bucket

A bucket might not be the most creative option, but it gets the job done. It might sound like it won’t help the situation, but it’s certainly helpful.

Who Doesn’t Have A Bucket Lying Around?

All you have to do is set up a bucket horizontally. The bucket will not only be useful for the hose, but it gives you plenty of space for other garden tools.


To sum it up, we have given you 10 unique ways to store a garden hose, which are all great options, but I would recommend a hose butler if you are still confused. It is unique, elegant, and easy to install. You can’t go wrong with that.

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