10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy And Warm This 2019


Your bedroom should show many things: a room that displays your personality, the home to a comfortable bed, and a place to read and unwind. It is where you can rest and relax after a hard day’s work.  It is your personal space. For this reason, it should be comfortable, cozy, and warm.

There are many ways to make your bedroom cozy and warm. And there are some things you need to keep in mind when planning your slumber sanctuary. You can mix and match different hues and patterns. Furniture and decorations may be added as well. However, to achieve your target comfort, careful planning and implementation should be done. Here are the top 10 ways this 2019 to help you get your bedroom cozy and warm:

Level Up With Textiles

Bedroom Flooring

A fool-proof way to make your bedroom warm and cozy is to add more textiles. Instead of the usual wood material, choose a large velvet headboard. It will add more warmth to the room, plus it will make your book reading more comfortable. Go for two-toned pillows instead of loud patterned ones. You can also add a printed rug to compliment the bedroom colors.

Up Your Wallpaper Game!

Wallpaper For Bedroom

You can always make an impact with so little time with removable wallpaper. Rather than consuming so much time to prepare for repainting your walls, it is better to use an alternative that can quickly be done all by yourself. Most wallpapers are readily available with various designs you can choose. Most are adhesive with an easy-stick installation that anyone can do.

You can choose a wall design that stands out. Then, use it to highlight a wall as an accent or choose a more subtle design for monotony. One of the best reasons to use wallpaper is it is replaceable. If you get bored of the look or you suddenly got a bolt of inspiration for your bedroom, you can easily change it.

Mirror On the Wall

Mirror On the Wall

It has been a general rule in designing interiors is to add mirrors to make space look bigger. The bedroom is not an exception. Depending on your preference, it may be an accent mirror to highlight a wall or can be the wall itself. More than trying to make your room look bigger, it also reflects the cozy light inside your room. With proper selection of lights (coming up next), the more comfortable it is going to look and feel.

Let There be Light!

Making the room well lit is a common misconception. You may improve any space and make it warm by experimenting with light.  Use dimmable lights for your general lighting, which can be adjusted to your mood whenever you feel dimming it.

Add adjustable bed-side lamps to find the perfect angle. It is an ideal setting for those who want to feel cozy and read in bed> If you’re going to invite sleep, you may switch the light to a softer mode. Make it a priority to explore what light can do to your bedroom, and you will be surprised by the results.

Clean Up

Bedroom Cleaning

Any room, where there is clutter, is never an exciting view to see. Make up your bedroom and get rid of anything that adds up to your stress. Whenever possible, hide everything that induces anxiety. Keep them away in a box or containers that match your bedroom style. Make things organized and stylish at the same time. You may add fabric boxes to add warmth to the room.

Utilize Area Rugs

Utilize Area Rugs

Make your bedroom a bit bigger and cozier by adding a properly-sized rug.  Choose a rug that is bigger than your bed and can be tucked away underneath it. Choose dark colors that compliment your flooring for a more stylish approach with less maintenance requirements.

Add Plants

Add Plants

A little touch of green has never hurt anyone. Add small houseplants in your bedroom to make the warmth come to life. Ask your nearby plant shop for low-maintenance plants that are advisable for indoor use and has a low-maintenance requirement.

Have An Ample Amount Of Pillows

Have An Ample Amount Of Pillows

Add cooling weighted blankets and pillows to your master suite more than what is required. It adds comfort and character to your bed composition. But be careful though, oversupply is terrible as you might end up having the pillows covering half of your bed. Try introducing pillows having different textures and sizes. It will liven the bed and improve the display.

Consider Buying New Bedding

New Bedding

There is nothing more warm and cozy than a fresh new set of linens. If possible, buy new ones that have an utterly relevant vibe to increase the warmth and coziness of the bedroom.

Search for the best-weighted blanket for a more comfortable sleep. Better yet, purchase a weighted blanket for a couple for a cozy night with your special someone.

You can go from plain to graphic patterns but always keep in mind to avoid over-detailed designs that may not be suitable or hard to match.

Choose A Color Scheme And Stick With It

Choose A Color Scheme For Bedroom

Making your bedroom warm and cozy requires careful consideration. You need to choose your color palette. It must be complementing neutral colors to balanced brighter ones. If possible, choose earth tones, these are the easiest way to achieve a warm vibe. If you require more colors, try sticking to pastel ones. They are also easy to blend with other colors.

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