100% Design 2016, London


Since the mid-1990s, 100% Design has been inspiring architects, interior designers, and design connoisseurs from all over Europe. It is the largest and longest-running design trade event in the UK and showcases new concepts, materials, manufacturing techniques, and projects. It has grown so successfully that it is now held in London’s most stunning and spacious venues, Olympia London.

100% Design: An Unofficial Insight:

This year, the backdrop of Victorian architecture at Olympia in London ensured one’s first impression of 100% Design was nothing short of spectacular. Art installations complemented the traditional architecture, adding a contemporary appeal: designed by Sally Hogarth, the captivating Kinetic Lights feature hung over the Central Bar. At the same time, the Hakwood-designed Design Path provided a colorful walkway of intricately woven wood that represented the ripples of a river.

Leading Designers in Chelsea

The theme of combining modern and heritage design continued in the exhibitions of the designers themselves. Camilla Crown is the founder of a design company located in Chelsea and has an international clientele. She described how her interior and furniture designs were based on practicality, with a strong reference to British design. Having been born in Central Asia, British-educated, and married to a Russian, Camilla said that her international upbringing and lifestyle, as well as her experience of living in stately homes, had led to a deep appreciation of British heritage. Her magnificent designs cleverly combine contemporary, practical solutions with a classic, refined taste.

Pictured: Camilla Crown

Camilla Crown

In the luxury Made section of the show, the focus was on contemporary decoration and luxury furnishings. From the fascinating and eye-catching creations of the design duo, Crook and Jones, to the endearing, self-playing pianos of Edelweiss, there were plenty of ideas to inspire a makeover of your Mayfair property, your holiday villa, or even your luxury yacht.


There were new concepts in making furniture and fittings for luxury yachts to design for land-locked properties. Their ideas, such as a tap that folds flat to neatly tuck out of the way when it’s not in use, are ideal for compact properties in the city. The benefit of designing smaller apartments well can be seen in this luxury studio apartment in Fitzrovia, which retains a sense of spaciousness, despite being simply a studio.

Hand-Paint Wallpapers and Textiles

In each corner of the show, there were specialists in every field of interior design. There was a strong indication of the continued trend for unique, hand-made, and personalized products. For example, “Addicted to Patterns” are extremely talented artisans who hand-print and hand-paint wallpapers and textiles. Their unique creations can be adapted to suit the colors of your choice and are made in specific blocks so that the pattern can fit a particular space perfectly.

Luxury Property in London

With luxury property in London being such a good investment and the increased interest from foreign investors, it is ideal for 100% Design to inspire London’s leading architects, designers, retailers, developers, and multinational companies.


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