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Cool Box Portable Moving Containers

Nearly every business struggles with having enough storage at some time during operation, whether it’s retailers offering major discounts, or feeling growing pains from increased business activity. Below are eleven benefits offered by utilizing our mobile storage containment trailers to hold all of your extra inventory, shipments, equipment, raw materials, and anything else you don’t want to get rid of, but can’t have in the way.

  1. Extra Storage Space You Can Place at Your Location

Renting a storage unit has one drawback that’s hard to get around. Hauling items back and forth from a storage location costs you time, labor, and fuel expense. We offer a portable storage solution that allows you to install the extra space you need and have everything within an easy walk from your door.

  1. Complete Mobile Capabilities for Multiple Location Storage

Do you have more than one location for your business that has fluctuating extra storage needs? Our mobile storage containers allow you to take your unit anywhere you need the space. It’s the ultimate in flexibility for storage and organization planning. It saves you the expense of constructing storage buildings at each location.

12 Feet Cool Box Portable Moving Container

  1. Dry Compartments for Quality, All-Season Storage

Weather doesn’t matter when using our waterproof portable storage trailers. You can keep all of your inventory, tools, equipment, and materials dry and in excellent condition through rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

  1. Easy to Secure Storage Containers

Your mobile storage container can have customized doors, making it easy to close and secure all valuable items. Place your container anywhere you feel it’s safe and protected from the view of the public, or keep it within visual range of your business office. Choose the size that works best for your available space and storage needs.

  1. Place the Storage Container Right Where It’s Needed

One of the most beneficial features of our portable storage containers for businesses that have multiple facilities or departments is the ability to place the storage unit right where it’s needed most. You can reduce time in placing items in or out of storage and take it to the exact area it’s most used. You can place it at your shipping and receiving dock, back warehouse doors, metal fabrication shop, and more.

  1. Affordable Extra Storage Space

The cost of building an addition to your business or separate storage buildings can be cost-prohibitive. It leaves you scrambling for a storage solution that makes sense. You can rent or find our tipper trailers for sale in a price range that nicely fits your budget. It makes it worthwhile to buy up extra inventory or raw materials while at special pricing.

  1. Provide Extra Space for Retail Sales Events

Never disappoint your customers again by holding a huge sale and not having enough space to have the items available. Running out of your sale items due to lack of extra inventory space can kill your spin and frustrate your customers. Our mobile storage containment units allow you to stock up all the extra items you need right at your sales location.

16 Feet Cool Box Portable Moving Container

  1. Maintain Higher Levels of Raw Materials

Manufacturers can also take advantage of this easy way to increase storage by giving themselves the ability to keep more raw materials on hand. Everything will stay safe, dry, and in good usable condition.

  1. Safely Store Equipment

Our portable storage trailers are the perfect solution for construction crews, landscaping, and any service that is doing big jobs at locations far away from the home offices. You can safely tuck away the equipment each day and lock it up for future use. Place the container behind a secure fence and everything will remain undisturbed for your crew to handle the next day.

20 Feet Cool Box Portable Moving Container

  1. Keep Everything in a Centralized Location During a Remodel

A major remodel of your business can mean having to empty out the contents to allow construction crews access to walls, flooring, ceilings, and other parts of the building. You can rent our portable storage trailers and keep everything close by for easy replacement when the project is complete.

  1. Maintain a Separate Area for Store Inventory and Items to Be Shipped

Online sales are an increasing part of the growth potential for many retailers. Add a storage trailer to place all of your items packed for shipping to online customers. It keeps you from taking away valuable space for brick-and-mortar store inventory. Everything stays separate and you won’t misplace your items to be shipped.

Find out more about how portable storage trailers from Hale Trailers can benefit your business and accommodate your storage needs today.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that a mobile storage unit can provide you with a cost-effective option and give you some extra space for your business. My husband is looking for advice to store some of his office files, and we are looking for information to find the best option. I will let him know about the benefits of mobile storage units for his business.

  2. I like that you mentioned that a portable storage unit allows you to keep your things close when doing a home project. My wife and I want to remodel our living room, but we aren’t sure where we should put our furniture during the process. It seems like it might be a good idea for us to rent a portable storage unit to place our furniture in.

  3. I was not aware that a mobile storage container will be able to have a customized door to easily close it and secure it. My small business has been growing exponentially, and I’m looking for advice to find a place where I can store some of my inventory. I will make sure to take your recommendations into account about renting a mobile storage unit for my business. https://www.horizonmoversqc.com/portable-storage-containers

  4. Wow! It’s interesting to know that storage trailers are dry and in excellent conditions through all seasons. It’s been a lot of work moving pieces of equipment for my building work all around, and not having a specific place to keep all of them. I’d be sure to get portable storage trailers that will be in excellent condition through all seasons so the pieces of equipment don’t wear out.

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